Fans forums by there very nature tend to show passionately held opposing views. Think of the analysis of the abilities of Lewis Stevenson. How many times have you read post-match comment and wondered if you were at the same game? Fans are amazingly fickle. The potential champions League winners know that they are only a couple of bad results from being wage thieves who should never be allowed near a Hibs shirt. Fans are also paranoid to some extent, convinced of belief that our team is persecuted by the press and other media and subject to incompetent, even corrupt match officials.
But that is the purpose of a forum. However I believe that even taking into account the "political correctness gone mad" argument and the dismissive "grow a pair snowflake" view there should be a limit.
Now let's not pretend that we are models of rectitude. I remember being embarrassed at a recent game at Alloa when a goalkeeper about to take a goalkick was accused of " looking like a paedophile".
But for mindless foulmouthed bigotry nothing can match The Bear's Den on Rangers Media. Despite an appeal from the moderators of the site to stop personal abuse it reached a new low. A four letter curse, far from being replaced by astersisks was printed in capital letters, followed by a hope that the referee would "catch aids and die" sets up the general tone.
Yes you can hear "industrial language" at any game and in society in general but this borders on the criminal. And does the media mention it?
Perhaps you feel that the best policy is "Sticks and stones".
Is there any practical solution?
I welcome your response.