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    Quote Originally Posted by wookie70 View Post
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    Thanks for that I'll cancel the appointment with the psychiatrist. I must say the more the listen to and read Tracey the more her style is growing on me. I can see why she was upset and some of the comments that have been thrown at her have been way over the top but she and hopefully I managed to work together and ended up agreeing on most things. That's a very good skill to have for a Fan's rep.
    translation: that's me sorted for Parkhead tickets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McD View Post
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    i read your OP and took it in the spirit you intended mate.

    I can understand why Tracey is feeling a bit put upon at the moment, I donít think what you said was intended to add to that, and she has accepted your apology that this is the case.

    Its interesting that youíve been criticised for what youíve said, by people who have resorted to far stronger language than you used yourself.
    Me likewise and thought it was quite funny and witty.
    Why any one would want to be a fans rep is beyond me, they are in a no win situation and as I said before it can be a thankless task. Imagine sitting in the pub trying to enjoy a beer before the game and there's a queue of people waiting to complain about, tickets, catering, tannoy system, Rangers decision plus everything else under the sun.
    I doff my cap to both of them.


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