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    Things you miss as an expat

    The getting old thread got me thinking. We must be a fair few on here that are no longer living within spitting distance of Easter Road. I was thinking about all the things I miss living away from home. My main one is proper pubs, I try to explain this to Swedes and they look at me like I have two heads and they both just spat on their dead cats grave! One thing i loved after working years in hospitality, was having my Tuesday off going to the pub (the old bell) with my RP checking the horses for the day with a few pints and a pub lunch watch the racing, occasionally go and collect my winnings and then home! So expats of Hibs.net what do you miss??

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    When I lived abroad, the thing I missed the most is humour in everyday speech.
    That's something that's worth is weight on gold.

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    Agreed with snooky, living abroad the banter is either massively inferior or non existent

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    Banter and a decent bacon sandwich.
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    It used to be fish n chips for me, I've now finally perfected my own recipe that is better than most chippies so that's no longer an issue. I got used to following the Hibs on crackling radio signals whilst in the army so dodgy internet feeds are a big improvement on that but nothing can replace the buzz of actually being at a game and Hertha just don't cut it with me. I guess I've gone native because I actually start to miss a lot more in my adopted home than I ever did in Scotland when I'm away for extended periods.

    My German is about the same level as my English and with the right mates the banter is another thing I can't say I miss. Also I find a decent German Boozer is superior to the UK because they're rarely occupied with radges that want to rearrange your facial features once they've had a few or toothless hags bickering over the aforementioned radge.

    If anything I miss the environment and country of Scotland itself, you're never far away from the sea and salt air and a walk in the hills is never more than a short car drive away.

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    When you initially start working or living abroad the culture shock is the biggest element to overcome - if you can handle it and have the time to miss fish suppers or HP sauce then you know you've cracked it. As was mentioned above, trying to get the Hibs scores on the world service was a bloody nightmare with crappy reception which was one of the worst for me.

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