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    May 2002

    Non Hibs Programme collections

    Does anyone else collect other programmes apart from Hibs?
    Years ago when I couldn't pick up Hibs related issues I decided to branch out
    Currently collect
    Scottish cup and league cup finals 45 to date
    Scottish one per club per season 46/7 - 74/5 ( last season before premier league)
    Scotland homes 45-70
    Scottish clubs in Europe - first home games.
    Also tickets to match up with the programmes. Impossible task !!!!

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    @hibs.net private member EL Green's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    East Lothian
    Apart from Hibs programmes, tickets and the occasional team sheet I also collect the following;

    Scottish Cup winning runs, programmes and tickets (2016 easily my favourite!)
    Scottish League Cup winning runs, programmes and tickets
    FA Cup Finals, programmes and tickets
    League Cup Final, programmes and tickets
    Loads of other random programme and tickets

    I blame Hibeg entirely for me branching out from just collecting Hibs programmes and tickets!

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    @hibs.net private member hibeg's Avatar
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    May 2002
    Aye, sorry about that N. Its a great hobby though.
    Tickets in the post tomorrow

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    @hibs.net private member ano hibby's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    the 'burgh
    I have a few half hearted or incomplete collections which have all got me interested at various points:
    Meadowbank Thistle - various games including first ever as MTFC, various cup games against variety of opponents, some Ferrari games, a blazer badge & a Xmas card!
    E S Clydebank- season 64/5..the only season they existed
    Scotland v England - going back to pre war
    Pre war - 1 programme per club, including non league I think I got up to 70 or so clubs
    Also have a collection of Lions rugby programmes from 2 early 1970s tours of NZ & SA

    All in all bit of a nerd really!
    "We've also been unsure about what has happened to the receipts of the players who have been sold."
    George Foulkes BBC website 20/3/08


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