London Hibs February 2001 Newsletter


London Hibs February 2001

Well, there is so much to report that I better get cracking ……..but look out because there is TWO Jimmy Boco Awards; Footy Facts; From the Dug Out; and lots, lots more ……so Enjoy !!!

‘Footy Facts’

News has it that Torre Gript and Sven Goran Erickson have been seeking professional guidance from Soccer’s No 1 coach ………..King Kev !! The reason… Well with 11 games played in the APFSCIL league, King Kev’s green & white dynamite have won 12 and have a maximum of 36 points. 

The latest side to suffer the proverbial ‘doing’ at the hands of the London Cabbage was the not so mighty Glasgow Rangers, losing 3 –2.

King Kev reckons that two more victories and the championship is ‘in the bag’ !!! ‘Stroll on boys …..!!!’

Remember if you want to go and see the only London Club worth watching then get along to Barn Elms playing fields (Chiswick) every alternate Sunday; Kick Off 2pm.

Barn Elms is off Rocks Lane at the junction with Church Road (A3003); Nearest Train / Tube – Barnes. Map

‘Burns Supper’

Just over 100 hundred guests turned out to the William Wallace for another bumper shindig. Wine, (well, Beer actually), and song (thanks to Peter Cormack), was the order of the night as yet another Burns Supper was heralded.

A full report with pictures and sound bites can be seen here


You'll be pleased to know that we now have a link to from - just go to and click on "All About Hibs" then "general/links" and we're number 2 in the list behind the Aussies! This has been the case for a while and Mike will continue to update the London Hibs site as a separate entity, using the web space donated by Stuart Crowther at Hopefully the 2 websites will continue to compliment each other, so if there's anything you want to see on the LH site, remember it's YOUR site, let Mike know and, time permitting, he'll see what he can do.

‘Summer Fayre’

An idea arose from the Burns Supper; some people mentioned that whilst the Burns Supper was a roaring success and great night out, it wasn’t really too Hibs themed. It was suggested that perhaps in the Summer months we could have a Hibs themed function and really get in to a proper rendition of ‘Glory Glory ……’. This ideal is still being debated and your comments are welcome …so get along to the next monthly meeting !!! Your Club needs you !!!

‘Jimmy Boco (1)’

Well nominations for the most sought after award are coming in thick and fast and for January / Feb the award goes to ……….Bill Gariock !!! Bill was superb in getting on to the Brian Moore Show on Talk Sport radio. This was during the show hosted by Brian Moore called ‘In the Boardroom’, and this particular day it was the Hibs Chairman and friend of London Hibs ….Malcolm McPherson.

Bill got on and complimented Malcolm for his attendance at one of our monthly meetings, but in good Jimmy Boco style went that one step further for the cause ….. He mentioned London Hibs Supporters Club at least twice. So Bill, enjoy being the proud recipient of the Jimmy Boco Award.

N.B. It should be noted that another Hibs member Dave Smith from Deal also got on the show, however, forgot to mention the London Hibs. But Hey, credit to the man, he had other things on his mind during this call, as seen by the topic of his call to Malcolm and Brian Moore ……..

Dave wanted Malcolm to make a promise on national radio, that when Hibs made it in to the Champions League, as we will have to travel to some far flung places, would he undertake to subsidise the travelling costs of fans.

Stroll on Dave …..all in the Hibs cause !!!!

Audio Files here


Following hot on the heels of Paris and Milan, here comes London Hibs fashion week ….. Lots of stunning, sexy merchandise that you will want to be seen in :

London Hibs Football and Rugby Jerseys

London Hibs Baseball caps

London Hibs Beanie Hats

And coming soon following hot demand ……….as modelled by ………..our very own curvy King Kev !!! The London Hibs Fleece.

Orders can be made here or by coming along to one of our monthly meetings. Remember, it's promotion for our club and every penny is a Hibernian Penny !!! So come on !!!

‘From the Dug Out’

‘Big Eck Signs On for some more’

Alex McLeish signed an extension to his existing contract; an extension which gives him a further two years at the helm of the green and white dynamite. This will at least hopefully encourage the ‘out-of-contract’ players to do the same and keep on the complete winning way !!!

‘Frank and Nick follow the gaffer’

Following on the heels of their gaffer, out of contract Frank Sauzee and Nick Colgan have signed new contracts at Easter Road. This allows our team to concentrate on resurging themselves as a premier force in Scottish / European football. After all, these are two inspirational and important players to the Hibs team.

‘Jim tries to do us in’

Not happy with trying to wreck the Hibs dream bus, while manager of Sh&*$ Town City (Hearts), Jim Jeffries has sensationally swooped for Hibs favourite, Russell Latapy !!! Out of contract, Latapy, has been approached to sign for Bradford, the Nationwide Division One – New Boys !!!

However, Russell has been quoted as saying that he is happy at Hibs and is a Hibs man !!! The stumbling block appears to be what the going rate is for this World class footballer !!!

What the Hibs board are saying is correct; No club with a strict budget can be held to ransom by any one player – but I think Hibs should remember that Russell was recently voted the worlds 32 / 33 best player – no other SPL player was ranked – no Henrik Larson; No Michael Mols; therefore lets hope that Russell’s wishes and those of Hibs can be married for the benefit of all !!!

‘Thank You – Celtic’

After Celtic giving Rangers a football lesson twice in one week, the second of the two results (that in the league) was the one with the biggest impact for Hibs. As Hibs had beaten St Mirren 4 –2, 24hrs earlier, if Rangers lost to Celtic, the Hibees would stay in 2nd place in the league and that’s exactly what happened !!!

‘Passports Please’

I hope that I am not tempting fate, but it does appear that save for a ‘footballing catastrophe of Biblical proportions’, then the Hibees will be playing European Football next season ….all that we are waiting to see is if it Champions League or the UEFA Cup !!! Just remember those heady days of Trondheim, Videotron, Barcelona and Sporting Lisbon to name a few ….so get dusting down those passports !!!

‘Fog on the Forth’

The Scottish Cup Fourth Round draw seen Hibs travel to plucky cup outfit, Stirling Albion of the Scottish Second Division. What should have been a clear, one-horse race had every Hibs supporter with hearts in their mouths, as flashbacks to a recent cup shocker looked on the cards when Stirling went 1-0 up in only 4 minutes. Then with about 14 minutes to go both teams were locked at 2-2, up stepped Tom McManus to save the blushes as the Cabbage went on to win 3-2!!!

However, if you were one of the supporters at that game then you be glad of the newspaper reports about this game; as no one could see a damn thing !!! Fog had come down early morning and hadn’t moved but clever boy …….John Rowbotham decided ….hey….it’s only a cup tie so why not spice it up and make it a lottery !!!!!

‘BBC One Commentator needs lessons in Geography’

At the outset of the Worthington Cup final, BBC Commentator Jonathan Watson showed that he was in need of some Geography lessons when commentating on the delay that was caused due to traffic around the Millennium Stadium – Cardiff – Wales !!! Noticing Sven Goran Erickson in the crowd, he remarks :

“Well, he now Knows English Football and he now knows English Traffic …”

Forgive me, Jonathan, but I thought Cardiff was in Wales !!!!

‘Jimmy Boco Award (2) – Special’

This month we have to honour a special endeavour; Real outstanding commitment to the cause …..However, you’ll never guess, so I better tell you !!!

The proud recipient is Soccer AM and its presenter Tim Lovejoy !!!! After reciting the Scottish Premier fixtures for the weekend 25/26 Feb 2001, when he mentioned the Celtic –v.- Hibs game that was live on SKY TV, he then said

That is when Hibs beat Celtic and go on to win the league”

Stroll on Timmy Boy !!! You are definitely on a par with the legendary Jimmy Boco!!

However, it doesn't finish there. In the same show, they have a young lady each week to parade as that week’s soccerette!!! In the same show as above, the soccerette for the week was an Edinburgh girl called Emma Hunter, who was a Hibee – She came on parading and dancing about in her Hibs top …..go on girl !!!

So congrats to Soccer AM  and Tim Lovejoy.

‘Having a Domestic’

In this section we will from this month until the AGM in the summer, be looking for your entries to the ‘Having a Domestic’ competition.

I recently asked Alex McLeish who the best player was, that he had ever played with domestically.

If you know or you think you know the answer then put it in writing, with your name and address and send it to me at the address above; or e-mail them to the London Hibs Supporters Club or bring them along to a monthly meeting.

There is no limit to the number of times you can enter and the correct answer drawn from the hat will win two tickets to the first Edinburgh Derby at ER next season… get answering !!!!

‘Big Eck at the William Wallace’

As you will recall from the November 2000 newsletter, Big Eck is due to attend one of our Monthly meetings soon. I have been in contact with him and his PA and I hope to be able to report on a confirmed date by the next newsletter. WATCH THIS SPACE !!!

Next Meeting : William Wallace, 33 Aybrook Street. London at 8pm on the 13th March 2001 – See you all there !!!



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