London Hibs Scores Prediction Competition 2003/2004


Season 2003/2004 Entry Here

Rules: 5 points will be awarded if you predict the correct score and result. 3 points awarded if you predict the correct result only. To make things more interesting, double points will be awarded if you predict the correct Hibs winning score against Hearts, Rangers or Celtic.

10 points will be awarded for each correct Cup prediction. These points will be added to the overall season table only.

Prizes: After each third (11 games) there will be an item of London Hibs merchandise for the person with the most points. If there's a tie after any third, total points scored, then points against Hearts, Rangers and Celtic (in that third) will decide the winner. The member with the most points at the end of the season will receive a �30 voucher to spend in the Hibs Shop at Easter Road.

To give everyone a chance of winning the interim prizes, everyone will start from zero at the start of each third. Their total points score will be carried over for the end of the season prizes, though. Also, no one can win the same prize more than once during the season.

When the league splits after 33 games have been played, the points will be carried forward and members will be contacted to complete predictions for the final 5 games.


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