London Hibs December 2000 Newsletter


London Hibs December 2000

Well, here we are, the final millennium edition of the finest monthly, this side of Leith !!!!  In this month’s edition we have ……’Supper Time’, ‘POTY Review 2’, ‘Fanzine’, ‘Fanzone’(new feature), ‘Web-News’, ‘Special Footy News’, ‘The Jimmy Boco Award’, ‘From The Dug Out’, and ‘A Question of Big Eck’……Read On and enjoy !!!! and from all at London Hibs ….a very hibby Xmas and New Year !!!

‘Supper Time’

After wading through much s*^%@ our great chieftan, Brain Rogan has organised us a ‘Burn Night’ where we will be at home with friends. Our Burns Super is to take place at the William Wallace, 33 Aybrook Street, London; This is where we have our regular monthly meetings. This is to take place on the 20th January 2001 at 8pm !!! Tickets can be purchased from Andrew Murray, 4 St Leonard’s Close, Bushey, Watford, price £15-00 (fifteen) per ticket. This will be a superb night out and includes the traditional dinner, toast drink and the good company of ……………Our Special Guest not to mention Jimmy Wallace !!!! So get yours early to avoid disappointment.

‘POTY Review 2’

At our December meeting special mention and thanks was bestowed upon the one and only Tony Connor; Why………. Well, after last years POTY trophy reading ‘Russell Lapaty (Yes, I did say Lapaty), Tony managed to spell big Franck’s name correctly ….not bad, eh !!!!!!

Following on from this shocker, our London Hibs Ladies were asked by our deputy chairman, Stuart Donald, who, on the night was the best French Kisser ? Funny enough, we still await the answer ……so obviously not Stuart then !!!

Want to see more on the POTY Review then click here


‘Your Supporters Club Needs You’ !!! We are still committed to producing a fanzine for the first game after the winter break. Our fanzine has become highly regarded the world over and is well worth the trouble of production. To this end, we require articles on any humorous or serious issue, preferably electronically, to Mike Inglis. So with all the 6-2 gags and stories of your last memories of ………no, not the old west stand ….. but actually Alan Coombe as a Dundee United Player, (Sorry) say as a football player full stop, then get wrtiting …..we need your articles by the middle of January 2001 at the latest.


In coming months we hope to relay stories, views, news and even fan profiles of our members old and new. Anything, that you think would be of interest to our members …well you know what we say ….get writing……. you know the addresses.


You will recall that over recent weeks we have been debating whether to give up sovereignty of our web-site to join up with the ‘Rivals-site’. It has been unanimously decided that it is in the best interests of our club to maintain our own site which has been so fantastically done, presently by Mike Inglis. Maintaining our own site means that we can run our own features, comments editorials, competitions ….so a big thanks to Mike for his work over the past month’s and a big special request to carry on the good work.

‘Special Footy News’

I know that thoughts are already turning to the end of the season when Hibs win the Championship and Craig collects his 250/1 Hibs to win the premier league ante post bet. However, just when you thought the end of the season could not offer anything more ……..It does ……… London Hibs –v.- London Hibs Veterans so register your interest with King Kev, our soccer guru. Full details will be given as soon as they are available.

‘Jimmy Boco Award’

Well we had many candidates for this month’s honour but after all the votes had been counted; several appeals to the Supreme Court and more re-counts this month’s winner has been confirmed as Kayleigh Garriock. Kayleigh has an attendance record at London Hibs meetings, which is unrivalled and second to none. In fact, I believe that since becoming a member a year or two ago, Kayleigh has never missed a meeting; Impressive or what !!!!! Congratulations !!!!

‘Stan, Stan (Sorry – Alex) the Travel Man’

Remember, for every home game and even away games if you are interested, our very own ‘Judith Chalmers’ (Alex Lindsay) will give you the best travel advice and even arrange trips via train, boat, car or plane. So, if you’re not sure how to find non league Buckie Thistle or just fancy knowing if there is any one else travelling up then Alex is your man and can be contacted any time

‘From The Dug Out’

‘Hibs Press On’

Well, after wins at Motherwell (3-0), Dundee Utd (1-0), Dundee (3-0), a draw with the Scumbo’s and a win at St. Jonstone, the Hibees are still keeping the pressure on at the top of the SPL.  As the winter break begins, Hibs find themselves behind Celtic and commanding the second European Champions League position; One way or another Europe looks like welcoming the worlds first ever ‘world club champions’ back to the fray !!!!

‘Sky Sports Shocker’

After tuning in to an editon of Sky Sports Football (Scottish Match), I was somewhat amused and dumbfounded to find Charlie Nicholas and Jim White commenting the ‘Jim Jeffries is going well at Bradford’. Now, two things were wrong with this statement (1) Bradford at the bottom of the EPL is thought to be going well (stroll on Dundee Utd),and (2) Jim Jeffries is going well (this might be true as his team is at the bottom of the league, just where he left the Scumbos). So come on Charlie and Jim, be careful with what you say.

‘Signing of the times’

The winter break brings new negotiations for some of the Hibees key players; Franck Sauzee, Russell Latapy and others. Lets hope the team and the players can all get together and agree a future for the benefit of our team.

‘End of an era’

The Old main stand is on its way to the scrap heap as the bulldozers prepare to move in to continue another regeneration of the great Hibernian. Off Course capacity at ER will be much reduced so you better remember the ticketing facilities that Uncle Tony Connor provides for our club.


After the recent controversy of Hibs narrow but emphatic 1-0 win over Dundee United, Allan Coombe became the biggest ‘headbanger’ to play football in Scotland since Duncan Ferguson and his famous antics. However, what even more crazy is the call for Hibs to replay the game ………I’ll sum it up like this ……Show me the rule in either the rules of the game or the SFA Rules and I’ll say punish Hibs by replaying the game. In fact could it not be argued that Dundee Utd were trying to spoil the remaining minutes by time wasting …….Lets move on !!!!

‘A Question of Big Eck’

You will recall that I recently had the privilege of meeting with Alex McLeish during our chat I asked ‘Big-Eck’ who was the best player, in his opinion, that he had ever played with, domestically.

We are now running a competition where all those correct answers to this question will be placed in a hat and the correct answer drawn from the hat. The winner will receive two tickets for the next Edinburgh Derby. The funniest answer will receive a special prize.

So put your name, address, contact number and answer down and forward to Mike Inglis or Craig Bennison

‘It Could Be You’

‘Next Meeting’

Our next meeting will take place at the William Wallace, 33 Aybrook Street, London on Tuesday 9th January 2001, starting at 8pm – SEE YOU THERE

‘Special Note’

Remember our Burns Supper on the 20th January 2001, ticket’s £15- and available now so buy now to avoid disappointment. Or bring your cash, cheques, postal orders, rations books or any other form of payment on Tuesday 9th.

Craig Bennison


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