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Thanks for the geography lesson, with the usual added slur. I have friends that live in the Bruntsfield area and they call it Southside. I didnt say that was the complete area of southside. I'm really not that fussed and its hardly important. Have a lovely day.

No. You are categorically wrong and Iggy is right. Suck it up and have a lovely day.

Although you pair did spark an interesting and somewhat heated debate at the RIE.

When I am not effort-posting on my break, I think Iíll start a Freddie in the Holy/General about apropos boundaries of various Edinburgh areas/schemes.

On topic:

Who cares what some fart-huffing Lesser Green is blog-posting about us.

In my experience there is nothing more demoralizing than an Edinburgh born fan of the ugly sisters and they should be pointed at, laughed at and treated with the contempt they deserve. Fans of Hibernian FC are arguably one of the most inclusive, welcoming and grounded in the UK. YMMV.

**** them. Let them eat their Paris Buns.