London Hibs August 2002 Newsletter


18th September 2002


We had a much better turn out than last month for our very short meeting at half time of the footie. There were apologies from Andrew Murray, Mike Inglis, Mike Prior, Mike Hennessy and Ian McKenzie. There was a special welcome to Drew Lyall who was our former treasurer.

London Hibs Football Team

David will keep us posted as usual by E mail with all the results for the new season. The team are arranging an event for October/November time more details to follow. The framed Gary O'Connor shirt has been donated to the team for to raffle.


This year the player of the year vote will be done on line. As usual you will need to vote for 1st 2nd and 3rd. Votes will need to be in by the 15th October 2002. How we do the presentation will be decided after the vote.


The Burns night is to be held on the 18th January 2003 . More details on venue etc are to follow. If you have any suggestion on guests please email us.

For anyone who is interested……..

Comedy night suggestion !!!!!

The main act is Dougie Dunlop (a very funny guy and a Hibee), he's going to let me know his support act shortly. We'll probably have a few pipers as well for atmosphere.

It'll take place upstairs at the Fountain's Abbey Pub on Friday 25th October, doors opening around 8.30pm. Directions: come out of Paddington Station and turn left down Praed Street, the Fountain's Abbey is on the right. Tickets are only £5 but we would prefer that they are bought in advance so that we know how many we can sell on the night. I've had a very positive response generally and don't want hundreds of people turning up on the night and being disappointed (numbers are of course limited). The tickets haven't been printed yet but when they are (within the next week or two, I'll let you know), they'll be available from David Munn - [email protected] or 07951 288203).

If this gig is successful, then I have plans to invite other comics. Hence, I'm keen to broaden the appeal as much as possible and see if a few such gigs can be sustained.

News Updates

Hibs have advised us of  a  Sportsman's lunch to be held at Easter Rd on Sunday 27 October & to be hosted by former London Hibs Burns guest Peter Cormack. Guests include Nobby Stiles & Tommy Smith. Hopefully someone will ask Nobby about the time Bertie Auld demolished him at Easter Rd! Full details from Hibs.

Hibs have relaunched former Club 86/youth 2000 as HYBS, Hibs Youth Benefit Scheme. Many benefits have been restored & we’ll update at next meeting.

Next meeting will be held at the Willam Wallace on the 8th October 2002. We expect to have another overseas visitor, Mike Trotter from Australia, in attendance so please make every effort to turn up & give Mike a big welcome.


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