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London Hibs Members and Friends

 15th September 2000

Dear Member

London Hibs September 2000

Welcome to the September edition of our newsletter;17 members and another new-signing, Paul Thomson, all graced the ‘William Wallace’ to discuss what it is like to support the leading team in the Scottish Premier League.

‘In This Edition’

All the usual suspects are in this edition ‘From The Dug Out’; ‘The Starting Line-Up’; ‘The Jimmy Boco Award’; ‘Footy Facts’; and specially in this edition : ‘Web-site’; ‘Mass Hibsteria’; ‘Ireland Trip’; ‘POTY’; and ‘Look Who’s Talking ?’ plus much much more ……..!! Enjoy and read on !!!

‘Footy Facts’

Hot on the heels of their record breaking season (99/00) and following their seniors at Easter Road, the London Hibs Football Team have begun their season with an impressive 4-2 victory over Norwich City on the opening day of the season. Report

At the post match press conference, ‘El-Presidente’, Kevin Robertson hinted at the secret of the club success, ‘we have got to prepare ourselves for the rough and tumble that the league has got to throw at us so we brought in an experienced coach from …….London Broncos !’.

Surely, the league is not that bad that we need a Rugby League coach ??

The League and Your Support’

London Hibs Football Team are your London Team and need you’re support !! They play every fortnight at Barn Elms which is situated on the Upper Richmond Road (near Chiswick) and kick off is at 2pm. This weekend its Doncaster and next week its one of the games of the season …when…’The Huns !!’ (24th September 2000) (Webmaster note - postponed) come to see how real football is played !! It’s you’re team so get down there and give them you’re support. Or, if for no other reason, you may get some inside info on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

‘New Teams Join the League’

No it’s not Peterhead, nor Elgin but Crewe Alexandra who have brought Lancashire Pizzazz to the APFSCIL League. However, the league always need a ‘whipping boy’ and in finest SPL fashion APFSCIL warmly welcome Aberdeen to the league, including Ebbe and all – so we should be 3pts the better after this game !!!

‘Footy Function’

Remember to keep some of your hard earned cash for late November when the London Hibs Football Team host their St Andrew’s Night Ceilidh. Details are still to be formalised but bearing in mind the success of the ‘Champions Ball’ in July, where odds of 4 ladies to 1 man were the best odds you’re likely to find this side of ‘William Hill’s’ in the High Street, then I suggest you keep aside a small bounty for this evening !!


Mike Inglis has been working like a Trojan, ensuring that our skies are safe and more importantly our webpages are a credit to our club – which they are !! The host site for our pages are now situated on Rivals (Webmaster note - coming soon!) which has a much larger exposure base but entails a much more in-depth input from Mike. 

We as a club are of the view that the Rivals site is worth maintaining but Mike needs and requires help from all those budding web wizards – after all, we all need to input into this club in whatever way we can, as it is our club !!

However, we intend to continue with our own site, independently, as this allows us to continue with such features as the Prediction Competition, and the travelling information, such as maps etc; Again, we need your input and help. Any one wishing to volunteer their web-wizardry should contact Mike Inglis, directly, or me at the addresses above.

‘Mrs Louise Inglis’

Whilst on the subject of Mike Inglis and his dedication, skill and commitment to our club and its cause, we must say a big thank you to Mike’s wife, Louise Inglis !! She like most of our partners (including my own !!) is a true football widow  and Louise, as Mike is lost in action !!!! We bestow upon you the honour of ‘The London Hibs Cross’.

‘Predict That One !!!’

Well I never !! Our Club Secretary finds himself leading the members prediction competition, followed closely by Mark Smith. Even Andy Gray could not have foretold this amazing soccer story. When thinking about this it is worth remembering that ‘El-Tel’ was banned for less !! It is still not to late to join, but of course, all those games that have already gone are lost !!!

‘Fancy a London Hibs e-mail address’

Mike Inglis has registered a couple of London Hibs related domain names !! What this means is that we can establish more web facilities and in particular, we can, for a small fee, all have a London Hibs e-mail address……..Yet another innovation from London Hibs !!

‘Jimmy Boco Award’

Well its month 3 of the ‘Jimmy Boco Award’ and the competition is hotting up for the coveted prize. Hot on the heels of Pete and Rose, Jimmy Wallace joins the ranks of the proud recipients, and collects the ‘Jimmy Boco Award’.

Jimmy, who has been turning up to London Hibs meetings since ‘Hugh Dallas had a Rangers Jersey, and who was amongst the founder members decided that since the meeting have always taken place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month for the last two years, then this month (Sept) he should brake with tradition.

Wondering why there was a distinct lack of green and white at the ‘William Wallace’ on the 5th September 2000, Jimmy had decided, on his own, that he loves the ‘Cabbage’ that much that he would have a meeting every week and turned up on his ‘lonesome’ on the 5th ---- Jimmy, you’re a trooper !! Congratulations !!!!

‘Ireland Trip’

Andy Bell gave a brief report on the trip that he and some of the Lads enjoyed to the emerald isle, to celebrate the birthplace of the founder of our great club. Guinness, Guinness, more Guinness, football, and a lengthy chat with a relation of Cannon Hannon. This was to celebrate Hibs 125th anniversary. More reports on this trip in the next newsletter and on the website. (Webmaster note - coming soon) Well done, Andy for such a great idea and another London Hibs first – ‘To our knowledge, no other Hibs Supporters Club has celebrated the 125th anniversary’.

‘Malcolm signs on’

You better get along early for our October monthly meeting (Oct 10th) as Malcolm McPherson, Chairman of our beloved club, has confirmed his attendance at our monthly meeting. Malcolm will be fielding questions on any matters related to Hibs, whether it be ‘Is there a Security Steward Position for Jim Duffy ?’ or ‘A goalkeeping role for ‘Peter McCloy’ ?.

Whatever, questions you may have for Malcolm or want put to him, please, please, please can you forward them to me at [email protected] by the 3rd October 2000 at the latest. This is so we can format the evening into a direct question, answer and discussion evening, and not a rabble of questions, with Malcolm not knowing who to answer first ---- Cheers !!

‘The Evening’

Our October meeting will take a slightly different format for this month only. The meeting will start at 7pm, with out normal business running from 7pm – 8pm. The from 8 – 9pm we will have our questions to Malcolm and his answers and then from 9 – 10pm a ‘social’, where our members can get the opportunity to chat with Malcolm.

We hope that as many of you that can will turn out and give Malcolm your support and appreciation.


You will find in this month’s newsletter an application form for tickets for our fast approaching ‘Player of The Year Do’. At £10-00 (ten) per person - you would be a fool to miss out. The Famous Hibs Buffet; Disco; not too mention ‘mingling with the stars’ – so don’t delay and return your form today to our happy treasurer : Andrew Murray at 4 St.Leonard’s Close, Bushey, Watford, Hertfordshire. All cheques should be made payable to ‘London Hibs Supporters Club’.

Remember, you can bring your partner, someone else’s partner, Kids, Parents, friends, relatives or anyone who wants to come along. The event is being held in the Forthview Suite at Easter Road, on Saturday the 11th November 2000 at 7:30pm. Tickets will go fast !!!


Rose McEwan at [email protected] needs your articles for the fanzine. Remember, this is a trademark production of our supporters club, and is famous the world-over. We intend to have our next edition produced and ready for sale at the POTY, which follows the St Johnstone game on the same day.

We need your articles, stories, quizzes or anything you think will be a worthy contribution to the fanzine. Please get these articles and such to Rose and or me at the earliest opportunity, and no later that 10th October 2000.


As mentioned in the AGM newsletter, we held over a vote to the September meeting, as to whether we should as a club, join the Erin Trust at an annual cost to the club of £60-00 per year. The vote was unanimously in favour of joining and ‘the wheels have been put in motion’

For any one who wishes to join, individually, should contact Dave McBain for details or the Erin Trust directly at Erin Community Trust, PO Box 707070, Edinburgh, EH6 8WE; after all its money for real suuporters to make a difference at our club !!!

‘From the Dug Out’

‘Didier Agathe’

Hot on the heels of me, in the August newsletter, telling you of the boards talks with Didier, in order to try and keep him at Easter Road; all sense escaped the Frenchman, when he listened to his girlfiends parents ‘you don’t want to play for Hibs, you want to play for a big club’. This being the man who spent quite a considerable time a Raith Rovers and perhaps the parents should have thought of this ‘If it was’nt for Hibs, Didier might very well still be playing for Raith ?’

‘Hibs go top (for the weekend only !!)’

Hibs returned to their rightful place at the Top of the SPL on Saturday, 16th Sept 00, after a thoroughly professional performance against Motherwell. A brace from Mixu showed that life goes on at Hibs after Kenny Miller and Didier Agathe.

‘The Starting Line-Up’

Following on from last months newsletter, we carry on with the ‘Starting Line-Up’ where we profile all those players and officials that have shaped our club into the force that it has been and that it is moving towards once again; Read on ……..

Goalkeepers – Ronnie Simpson (Yes !! The famous Celtic Keeper)

Ronnie Simpson enjoys worldwide fame because of his days at Celtic and in particular some nifty footwork shown during Celtic’s European Cup win over Inter Milan, when he left his box to dribble the ball past one of the opposition. But that is not to deny him a quite extraordinary career with other clubs, including Hibs, for whom he performed heroics to stave off the threat of relegation at the end of season 1962/63.

It is a career that began with a league debut aged just 14 years and 304 days. A career that neared its end with the first of five Scottish caps being earned at the grand old age of 36 years and 196 days (in Scotland’s 3-2 Wembley win over  World Champions, England, no less).

Ronnie Joined Hibs in October 1960 for a fee of £2,100 and left four years later, in the September of 1964 (reports of a fee vary from £1,000 to £4,000). It was not until 1970 that he retired and not before being conferred, in 1967, the title of Player of The Year. Between October 1971 and September 1972, he managed Hamilton Accies. Records show that he played 128 league games or Hibs.

‘It’s a Question of Hibs’ – Last Month’s Answers

Q1.            Tynecastle

Q2.       Kevin McAllister

Q3.       22-1 victory against 42nd Highlanders on Sept 3rd 1881.

Q4.       Oct 15th 1949 in a 2-0 win over Queen of the South

Q5.       St Mirren, on Nov 24th 1979 (hibs losing 1-2).

‘And this month’

Q1.       What was Hibs greatest victory in European Competition only ?

Q2.       Whose first goal for the club earned a draw with Hearts in March 1996 ?

Q3.       Who did Hibs beat on Sept 27th 1972 in the Cup Winners Cup ?

Q4.       What did Hibs win on 27th October 1991 ?

Q5.       In July 1989, what does Andy Goram use his hands for ? (keep it clean !!!)

‘Next Meeting’

As I said above the next meeting will start at 7pm at the ‘William Wallace’ and will be attended by Malcolm McPherson, make sure you attend and remember : ‘Get your questions to me as soon as possible’.

Remember the William Wallace has moved to 33 Aybrook Street (just around the corner from where it used to be).


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