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October Meeting

It is fair to say that this was not the most memorable meeting that I have attended over the years with lots of unnecessary bantering going on. There is no doubt that this is a difficult season for our great club and that we, the supporters, will get thoroughly frustrated with what has been happening both on and off the field in Edinburgh.. However, and I include myself here, we must try to understand other member’s views at these meetings and learn to control ourselves accordingly.

London Hibs is a great supporters club with some very passionate and enthusiastic members in its ranks. Over the last 8 years it has gone from strength to strength; not only in its increased membership, but also with the way that we promote ourselves in London and Edinburgh. Quite naturally, our recent relegation has slowed this enthusiasm down a little bit, but we would like to see this picking up again so if you have any views on how we can achieve this, or if you would like to volunteer your services for one of our sub-committee, then please come along to the November meeting and let us know.

POTY Presentation

It is not too late for you to buy your tickets for this years Player of the Year Presentation to Stevie Crawford on Saturday 14 November after the St Mirren game. Excluding guests, we have sold well over 40 tickets to date, so it will hopefully be another good day/night out in Edinburgh for our members and their families.

The programme for this year starts at midday when we meet in the Forth View Suite. We will have a buffet lunch at around 1.30pm and enjoy the game from the black corporate seats in the Famous Five Stand. After the game we will have a few more drinks, before presenting Stevie with his prestigious award..

Tickets this year will cost 30, which includes all of the above and a drink at the bar. For those members, or their guests, who have a season ticket, then the cost will be only 13 a head.

Unless you are planning to come along to our monthly meeting on Tuesday, it is probably a bit too late for you to have your tickets sent to your London address by mail, so can you please contact Andrew Murray to arrange a suitable time/place to collect them or an address in Edinburgh for him to send them to..

London Hibs Merchandise

Mike Prior has once again come up with a fantastic new range of club merchandise for our members to buy in time for Christmas. Although we only agreed on the new garments this Tuesday, Mike has used his influence within his company to have it ready in time for the November meeting next week, so if you are planning to come along, then please bring some extra cash with you. The autumn collection will consist of some new style polo shirts, excellent quality T-shirts and some black nylon and green fleecy jackets. All will have the London Hibs logo on the left breast and will be sold at very reasonable prices. In the next newsletter, I will send out some colour pictures of the new range for you to have a look at. However, as all these garments are new, we don’t know how well they will sell, so we have placed a minimum order with Mike to avoid us being left with any stock. Whilst this safe approach will keep our finance man happy, it does mean that it is very likely that we will sell out quickly - you have been warned!

LWT Quiz

London Hibs were invited to take part in a new sports quiz show "Take The Pitch" which was recorded at the Capital Studios in Wandsworth on Tuesday night. The Hibs team consisted of a player (Bryan Gunn), a fan (me) and a celebrity fan (Fish). Our opponents, Hearts, were represented by David Weir (player) - who was greeted by cheers of "O.G." by the Hibs support as he came on), David Ginola's agent Richard Glass (ringer, sorry -fan) and Alex Salmond (celebrity!!).

There were almost 40 very loud, but good spirited Hibbies in the audience, which was made up mainly from our London based members, but there were also from 4 supporters who travelled down from Edinburgh to give their support.

Although we were knocked out of the competition in the first round, it did mean that we got back to the pub early for a fantastic night, while the Hearts support had to stay in the studio, only to be beaten in the next round by Fulham. For those members with internet access, there are some pictures from the night displayed on Mike Inglis’s web pages at
and also on the official Hibs page.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come along to watch the show at such short notice and in particular to Mike Prior who handed out 70s style Hibs strips to all of our supporters. This was a brilliant gesture by Mike and made the Hibs end of the studio stand out from those horrible maroon morons at the other end.

I understand that the programme will be shown in a few months on ITV2, the ONDigital terrestial channel - so no one will see it! If anyone is planning on getting digital TV, please tape the programme

News from Edinburgh

A couple of new signings at Easter Road since our last meeting with Trinidad & Tobago captain Russell Latapy agreeing terms with Hibs. The 29 year-old who is described by Hibs manager Alex McLeishas "a midfield playmaker who is very comfortable on the ball - the type of player I've been looking for," will team up with fellow Trinadian, Tony Rougier,

The other new signing is Paul Lovering who is described as a confidant left back who has come through the youth ranks at Clydebank. Lovering certainly doesn't look to be the last of Alex McLeish's signings. The manager is also keen to bring cash-strapped Raith Rovers' 400,000 rated Paul Hartley to Easter Road. Hibs are also still trying to sign Bulgarian striker Emil Kostadinov. McLeish hopes to have the World Cup star in Edinburgh to train with the first team early next week so he can have a closer look at the player. Enclosed with this month’s newsletter is a report from Iain Murray on the Hibs AGM, which took place last month at Easter Road. Although some of our members with Internet access will have no doubt seen this report already, it make very interesting reading and will give you something to do on the way to work in the morning!

Football Team

The London Hibs football team lost its first league game in 27 when we were defeated 3-0 by Ireland on 18 Oct. Since last month, we have also drawn against Middlesboro (0-0) and beaten Wrexham 2-1 which places us comfortably in mid table in our first season back in top flight APFSCIL football..

The team has arranged a fund raising dinner and dance on Saturday 21 November in Joe’s Braserie in London. Tickets for the evening will cost 30 a head, which includes a 3-course meal. 10 from each ticket sold will go towards financing the football team throughout the season so if you are at a loose end and fancy a good night out with your partner, then contact Scott Drummond for details.

5 November 1998

Mike McSherry

Club Secretary





Hibs shareholder and IHSC Treasurer Iain Murray has taken time out to write-up this very large and conclusive report of Monday night's AGM.

Unfortunately due to Edinburgh's poor bus service I arrived just after the scheduled 7pm and was faced with the problem of trying to find a seat. The turnout of the shareholders was about three times the normal size and the large room was truly packed. As we were waiting I noted that there were several video screens around the room showing videos of player interviews with the likes of Stevie Crawford, although there was no sound I was beginning to think they looked like the old Hibs Club shows from L!VE TV when up popped Jim Duffy to confirm my suspicions.

Shortly after this at approx. 7:10pm the board filed in and took the places on the platform. The panel consisted of McLeish, Steven Dunn, Rod Petrie, Tom O'Malley, Malcolm McPherson, Mary(?) McAdam and the rush of photographers indicated a fairly large media presence. Tom O'Malley as Chair formally welcomed everybody to the meeting and went through the usual preliminaries of introducing the panel, requesting mobile phones be turned off & thanking directors that had retired in the last year. He then stated that after consultation between Tom Farmer & the board, the board had advised Tom Farmer not to attend, advice which Mr Farmer had accepted and would be absent. At this point Kenny McLean Jnr angrily stated from the floor that if Mr Farmer wasn't present it was pointless staying and walked out.

The panel rather ignored this protest and quickly moved on the give a formal statement of the "new boards" vision & the outline agenda for the meeting, giving an order in which various subjects would be covered.

Rod Petrie started the official business on the accountants, going through the figures in the report explaining their relevance and comparing them to previous years figures. All these figures appeared as diagrams on the video screens so that the whole hall could follow him. The slides allowed him to give a very slick presentation regardless of the merits of the actual figures. The main item of note that he covered was the point that although leagues attendance’s had increased by 15% the gate receipts remained the same as last season. He pointed out that poor performances in the two cup competitions has accounted for this due to fewer games. The meeting was then thrown open to questions from the floor on the clear condition that they would only take questions on the accounts at this stage.

Brian Montieth started by questioning the statements & balance sheet, he stated that what fans had consistently asked for was investment, and although the owner had underwritten the losses this was not real investment and could the board not look for real investment for Hibs not loans and the underwriting of debts.

Rod Petrie pointedly asked what the question on the accounts was, and the meeting was moved onto the next question. Q) The accounts show among the creditors 400,000 due to the parent company what was this? Rod Petrie replied that this was funding provided by the parent company and that there was no need to repay this money. Q) Why is it shown in the accounts as due within 1 year. Rod Petrie replied that standard accountancy practice was that if wasn't due at any set period, it would be shown in the accounts as due within 1 year - even if they didn't have to pay it.

Next Question was related to the "Hibs100" money, the shareholder wanted to know why if the money was invested the money was shown as the same amount for the last few years & why did the accounts state that the money was donated by fans "for the benefit of the company" and not for the benefit of the Football Club. Rod Petrie declared that the money was in an interest bearing account, but due to accountancy procedure the interest was classed as income and was shown in the figures through the profit & loss account. When challenged to reveal the amount of interest this money had accrued Rod Petrie said that he would detail that later when they would explain what the money would be used for.

The next questioner asked about the valuation of players transfer value a 5 million, he thought that this was wildly optimistic and wanted to know how the figure was calculated. Rod replied that the valuation was based partly on contract values and was a yearly but admittedly subjective exercise. The next question returned again to the Hibs100 querying whether this money was being used for daily running costs, Rod Replied that the money was in a separate "Hibs100" account wasn't being touched but had to to included with other accounts for the balance sheets with the club accounts. The meeting was heating up with several people all trying to ask questions on Hibs100 at the same time. Tom O'Malley called the meeting to order and bluntly declared that the meeting would be run via the Chair and requested that those not selected to ask questions refrain from interrupting those shareholders on the mic. The next question asked whether the rate of interest represented value for money. When Rod Petrie started giving a reply that was basically waffle. The questioner revealed that he worked for HSBC and that he had worked out the rate as a very poor 1% and he would be happy to give him a better deal. Rod Petrie asked how much HSBC would be prepared to lend Hibernian FC. Following another question on the Hibs100 money from Brian Montieth, Rod Petrie was forced to admit that during the year Hibs had undertaken a "realignment" of the clubs bank accounts and the Hibs100 money had been moved.

Brian Montieth then asked how the reduction in operating expenses of over 600,000 was achieved. Rod Petrie replied that the savings had been achieved by being very careful and saving money on items like travel, petrol utilities etc, and it was part of the boards vision & direction that costs should be kept to a minimum so that the maximum amount of money could be spent on the playing staff. The next questioner asked if the reduction in costs were due to the severance payment to Alex Miller inflating last years figure. This was denied pointing out the running costs in question did not include any staff costs. The next question up picked up on the phrase "footprint" that Rod Petrie had used in his initial address when talking about the stadium. Rod confirmed that when the rent was increased we were renting a larger area ("footprint") of land, the extra land was an area at the back of the East Stand/terracing. The next question was whether the Club86 was included in the accounts. It was confirmed that money contributed was included in the accounts but was hidden within the total turnover. Tom O'Malley stated that the Club86 money was highly valued and indicated that an upcoming AGM that it would be re-vamped. The next question brought up the 900,000 loss and the press reports that Tom Farmer had covered this. He wanted to know whether this was a loan or a Gift from Tom Farmer. The answer given that Tom Farmer had stood behind the club, would continue to stand behind the club & the losses were "covered" by Farmer was rather vague and caused rumbles of discontent in the hall. At this point the Chair moved to formally adopt the accounts, reappoint the auditors and close the official section of the night.

The next stage was a discussion led by Malcolm McPherson on the bid by Weatherseal bid. He opened by stating that at the start of the negotiations both Hibs & Weatherseal had signed a confidentially agreement which meant that very little of the detail could be revealed. He said that if Brian Kennedy wanted to withdraw from this they would be happy to talk about the deal but that as recently as that morning they had been contacted by lawyers for Weatherseal reminding them of the agreement. He went on to say that although most business deals were simply a matter of price in this case there was a lot more to consider. He stated that a team of accountants acting for Weatherseal had arrived at the club two weeks ago and had been given access to any & every figures they required. The deal was turned down by the board as without Brian Kennedys business plan they had no idea of his future ideas for the club, he stated it was a mystery why Brian Kennedy refused to provide the plan and said that although the deal was dead Brian Kennedy was undoubtedly a Hibs fan. He then invited questions from the floor.

The first question revolved around the reports of a Sept 30th deadline by which they had to have agreement in principle, and that they must have agreed to sell for this deadline to pass. The reply from Malcolm McPherson was that before the board could agree in principle they had to see the business plan, he made various minor points including one about it being strange to try and conduct business via the papers. The next questioner asked why the board couldn't agree in principle to sell the club but without it being legally binding in order to see the business plan. Malcolm McPherson said that the board were committed to the idea of Brian Kennedy providing a fully detailed plan. The next point was how could the board question the prospect of Hibernian FC being a subsidiary of Weatherseal when the Hibs parent company was in poor financial health. In a vague reply Malcolm McPherson brought up the newspaper figures that Weatherseal had a turnover of 60 million with profits of 6 million, stating that the accounts that they had seen indicated a turnover of 27 million with profits of 1.5 million.

Charlie Reid then asked that as the bid reportedly included a figure of 4 to 5 million pounds for players could the board match this if they were to turn down this bid. After not really giving an answer the mic moved onto Glenn Ross who asked Malcolm McPherson if the board wanted to deny that they had a letter from National Westminster bank detailing the cash involved in Brian Kennedys bid. The confidentially agreement was brought up by the board although when pressed, I think I heard Malcolm McPherson admitting the existence of the letter but the issue had created a bit of a fuss and can't be sure. When asked if he had met Brian Kennedy outwith the board Malcolm McPherson denied this. The next shareholder stated that he didn't believe Tom Farmer would sell as he made money out of Hibs all along the line, from the liquidation of Forth Investments in 1991 onwards including land at Straiton. The board led by Tom O'Malley hotly disputed this describing it as "total rubbish". When asked to detail the ground "Footprint" Tom O'Malley sharply stated they were still talking about Weatherseal and they would defer that till later. Brian Montieth then brought up the fact that the board seemed to say one thing via the press yet do something else. He used the example of several press statements & Hibs press conferences. Malcolm McPherson stated that they had not pre-judged anything and discussions were ongoing.

The next question was that if the Kennedy business plan revealed real investment could the board match it with their business plan. Malcolm McPherson replied that the offer wasn't dismissed and if somebody came in with better plans that the boards they would listen to them. Brian Montieth then brought up the press report that quoted Brian Kennedy as saying that it was not the business plan that was the problem but the price. He asked the board to remember that the price should be what the club was worth now, not what it would be worth after investment. He quoted the example of David Murray saying that if had been asked to pay in the late 1980's what the club became worth in the 1990's after his revitalisation he wouldn't have bought them, and pointed out that the Ayr United board were narrow minded enough to turn him down. The reply from the board was that the last letter sent to Brian Kennedy detailed the structural changes and invited him to come on board. The next question again asked if the club was actually for sale. Malcolm McPherson stated that the board could only recommend and that it was not a case of a "for sale" sign over the door but if somebody came along capable of taking the club forward they would be welcomed. Next issued raised was a report in the press that Kennedy's was "not the only bid". Malcolm McPherson replied that they were speaking to a number of potential investors, that some were ongoing but some were finished with. When asked if they had invited Brian Kennedy to join the board they said they had but that he was only interested in total control.

When it was stated that as the club was not the boards to sell so they must be wasting their time if Tom Farmer wasn't willing to sell up. In their reply is was again stated that they would look at anything & recommend acceptance or refuse of any idea/plan with Rod Petrie re-stating the standard club position. The next shareholder picked up on Malcolm McPherson's comment that "it was a mystery" why Kennedy failed to provide the business plan, and asked why Brian Kennedy should do this. Malcolm McPherson stated that it be true for a normal business but this was a football club. The next shareholder up stated that he had met Tom Farmer at his Kwik Fit offices and he said that he was prepared to sell Hibernian FC, he then asked why if this was true couldn't they fix a price put the club on the market and let anybody who was interested decide if it was worth it. This was well received by the hall and the answer was skipped over and Brian Montieth again asked about contradictory deadlines and actions by the board and asked if he would be prepared to pick up the phone & call Brian Kennedy. Malcolm McPherson again stated that if Brian Kennedy wants to come back to them he was welcome and that he would have no problem phoning him as the talks had always been friendly. When asked if Weatherseal had made an offer for the Holding Company as well as the football club Malcolm McPherson declined to comment quoting the confidentiality agreement and the section of the evening dedicated to Weatherseal was closed.

Tom O'Malley then introduced the presentation via the video screens on the "boards vision" with Goal 1 being Promotion, he then explained the clubs player pool policy of trying to sign players under the Bosman rule avoiding transfer fees. He stated that the first team pool consisted of around 22 players with a full Under-18 team pool. On youth development he stated that Hibs were running new under-13 & under-14 teams, that they had overhauled the scouting network. The most interesting point came next as he revealed that although the manager and his full time staff would have input to a youth development structure it would come under the control of the board to avoid any change of management personnel damaging the long term development of the scheme. He said that Club86 would fund most of the new structure and that Club86 was soon to be reformed & relaunched.

Rod Petrie then took over & used the video screens to show how the company structure had changed with the Hospitality Company being absorbed by the Football Club and the Property company disappearing from the equation after the purchase of the stadium by the Football Club. He said the purchase of the stadium introduced an asset to the Hibs accounts that converted a deficit into a surplus.

Stephen Dunn then took over and used the video screens to outline the boards plans for the stadium the plans were shown as

Phase 1 : Building a corner block between the Famous Five Stand and the East Stand/terracing which would contain changing rooms, fitness centre, medical facilities, players lounge & some offices. This would be paid for by the Hibs100 money.

Phase 2 : Building a new West Stand and levelling the pitch

Phase 3 : Building a new East Stand

Rod Petrie said that while there had been publicity in the papers Hibs had been looking at various projects to provide dedicated training facilities for the players and that the Leith Academy link up was only one option.

The first question was simply "Timescale & Finance?". When the reply was an evasive answer about as and when it fitted in with plans etc the groans & complaints from those in attendance rather overwhelmed the rest of Mr Petries reply. The original questioner forcibly stated that he was embarrassed that they could give no details and it was just a show for the purpose of the AGM. Rod Petrie replied that he was wrong and gave a rather long winded explanation that didn't really mean anything. The next question asked the board what right they had to request Brian Kennedys business plan when they didn't have a proper plan themselves and did they want to see his plan to steal his ideas. Rod Petrie replied that things would be done "within the scale of planning we had done". Somebody then asked why they didn't just McLeish some money and Tom O'Malley said that remained as the boards aim. Then we had a shareholder asking if Hibs had any plans to work with Primary school children as he though you needed to start skills work at 6. Tom O'Malley replied that they hoped to include that eventually but at the moment they were starting with under 13s & under14s and they would start building over the years from this base. John Campbell then asked about the phrase "we own the ground" saying he didn't know who they meant by we, and as Tom Farmer owned both the Football Club & Property Company he had basically sold the ground to himself and burdened with club with a large debt. Rod Petrie replied that the stadium purchase was an important move for the club.

The "Happy Hibee Half-time Draw" was then questioned with the shareholder scornfully suggesting that the amounts of money it was generating was what 2nd, 3rd Division & Junior clubs were earning and questioned the cessation of the "Hibs Hat Trick". Rod Petrie replied that the "Hat Trick" was losing money and that's why they stopped it. This was criticised from the floor as the club was seen in unambitious in running a "50/50" draw rather that a a proper pools type scheme.

Charlie Reid then stated he felt sorry for the as the were defending the in defensible, and that continuing the nautical theme the Captain wasn't on the bridge, he wasn't below decks, he wasn't evening stoking the fires in the boiler room he had jumped ship. He challenged Tom Farmer to meet the fans via Hands on Hibs to talk about Hibs. This was rather well received in the room. Tom O'Malley replied that the board looked after Hibernian FC's interests. Tom O'Malley was then congratulated on his promotion (to Chairman) as it was the only thing at Easter Road to be promoted recently! This shareholder then asked what right he had to sit there when the others had resigned, and why hadn't he resigned. Tom O'Malley thanked him for "that vote of confidence".

On older fan started talking about his memories of Hibs from the 1940s when he started going to Hibs games, he then listed membership of every possible organisation for Hibs fans finishing with Hands On Hibs and asked if Hibs were destined to become "the Partick Thistle of the East". He asked if we got promoted could we stay up with the current squad and pointed out Dundee United spent 2million to make sure of promotion asking were Hibs as determined as that. This was basically skipped over and Tom O'Malley closed this part of the evening and introduced Alex McLeish.

Alex took the mic at about 9:10pm seeming rather wary after the reception the directors had received. He started a short speech saying he was proud to be manager of Hibernian FC, how they were such a big club, how he had personal pride & ambition & wanted to do well with Hibs. He honestly admitted that the team would need strengthened on promotion, and admitted that there were question marks over certain players but defended them saying they just needed time to adjust. He was hoping to add another 1 or 2 players to the squad that would improve our options. He talked about his own management team saying that they were people he could trust, but that they were all very capable as well. He talked generally about the fans & relegation and then the meeting was open to questions from the floor.

First up was a statement that Alex shouldn't be there and that the board had only wheeled him out to deflect attention from themselves. Tom O'Malley replied that it was historically the case at Hibs that the manager attended the AGM. Next was a question asking if we had to sell Harper, to which Alex replied that no they didn't and if had thought that Kevin Harper could be the difference between getting promotion & staying the first he would have kept him. He said it was better to take the money rather than lose out on Bosman and the move had already allowed him to bring in a new player (I think he named Mixu but I am not sure). When asked about the Brebner departure and his replacement with Holsgrove, McLeish tried to explain what had happened explaining that he always felt Grant wanted to go back to England, but had been happy with the deal until an agent had got involved.

McLeish was then asked about the lack of team spirit evident within Hibs especially compared with the tail end of last season. He said it was difficult for the players in the first division and they were taking time to adjust, that teams were coming to "kill the crowd and turn them against Hibs" which he conceded was a common tactic he had used himself against the Old Firm, but he pointed out the number of late goals showed that the players were not giving up. There was a bit of follow up and a short general chat on this subject then another older shareholder took the mic and declared, "I remember them selling Harper.. Willie to Arsenal (Hibs star goalie sold in @1923) and as for this window cleaner guy I think he was only in it for the publicity, nobody had ever heard oh him before, and I would advise Alex to ignore it all" there was a good laugh all round at this intervention.

The mic was then taken by a shareholder who declared that Hands On Hibs contrary to the impression given by Charlie Reid did not represent all Hibs fans, and he thought the campaign was affecting the players. Alex McLeish was very careful when answering saying that while it can be unsettling, but the players want success regardless of factions within the club. McLeish was then asked about the departure of Darren Dods, and replied that although he wanted him to stay Darren himself never talked to him, he said Hibs had offered a 4 year contract and were still talking to his agent when Darren signed for St Johnstone. Then Stuart McCaffrey's departure was raised, with Alex McLeish saying the principle reason he gave was the lack of first team opportunities in Division One, he also wanted wages that were just below first team level and added "but the full details will come out when we go to the tribunal". John Campbell then asked "the same question that I've asked for the last few years" on a Saturday you wheel out Pat Stanton to do the draw, but when are you going to give him a job. Tom O'Malley replied that were talking to Pat about various posts and when it was pointed out that this had been said before he stated that but it's me that's telling you now & I promise it". The next question was how much hard cash was available for transfers as the club couldn't rely on Bosman dead wood. The answer given was that priority was given to players capable of fighting their way out of the first division, and that they wanted to strengthen the squad rather than go for the singular in one "big" player who could always get injured. Tom O'Malley added that money was available but like every club it would be a mistake to show their hand.

Alex McLeish was then asked if with all his World Cup trips he had picked up any new training techniques or skills. He said that most top clubs & countries had training that was very similar, but at the World Cup he had basically just watched games. The next question was whether Hibs should go for quality not quantity in the player pool. Rod Petrie responded that throughout the year the number of players fluctuated and that the previous high numbers had included a lot of youngsters still developing, that they currently had a first team squad of 29 players a full under 18 squad and were beginning to develop an under 21 squad. Alex McLeish was then asked about speculation that Wigan were about to offer 300,000 for Stevie Crawford, which he said was paper talk as there had been no approach. Alan Lugton asked McLeish if in the light of crafty & devious players he considered himself a good negotiator. Alex said he didn't regard himself as skilled in this department and that was why Rod Petrie did a lot of this work, he would rather be coaching the players.

The final question asked was directed at Rod Petrie and concerned the purchase of the stadium for 2.5 million. He wanted to know if given the holding company had debts of 7.5 million would this money still leave debts of 5 million. Rod replied that we the football club are not liable for this debt and the purchase of the stadium meant it didn't affect us.

The meeting was wound up by Tom O'Malley at approx 9:40 in a short address he said that Hibs faced a long road and it would be stonier & harder to travel if we were divided, and he thanked the meeting for the good order in which business had been conducted.


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