London Hibs February 2002 Newsletter


12th February 2002

It was the smallest turnout for a long while. We had the famous five of Connor, Donald, Lindsay, Ramsey and McEwan. I am sure if the result had gone the other way last Wednesday the attendance would much larger. Apologies from Andrew Murray and Brian Rogan (and I was in Tenerife thinking of you all - Web Ed!)

Following on from that we have decided to have our own cup final (Edinburgh Cup) on the weekend of the 16th March. Meeting in the Four in Hand pub prior to game to party etc. If anyone wants a ticket for the game on the 16th March please contact Tony Connor by the 6th March and see you there. For information on travel as usual contact Alex Lindsay.

Burns Night

The Burns Night was a great success and was enjoyed by everyone. There is a big thank you to Mike Prior for all the merchandise donated for the raffle and Mike Inglis for the photo’s and reports of the night.


Thanks to all the Committee for making such a success of the Burns Night. I thought we had an excellent venue, super band - as always, great guests, certainly the best dressed we've ever had & an unbelievable raffle. Possibly one of the best ever nights.

I have one small disappointment, the committee responded positively to every suggestion made in the survey following last year's function & addressed every reason why some people did not attend. Despite this we missed the presence of several notable members, why???? now is the time for all of us to pull behind our team & London Hibs as well, let's have some support!!


We had nearly 100 members/guests and with the help of the raffle we managed to produce £200 profit on the night.

Football Team

As David Drysdale was not present we have no news on the football team.

Golf Day

The annual Golf day will be held late June early July which will avoid most peoples holidays and the England games. We will have further details at the next meeting.

Final question where is Jimmy Wallace last seen way before the year end??

Want to know then see below………………….?????????

The following is an extract from a letter from Jimmy Wallace to Andrew Murray.

"Pardon me for doing a Lord Lucan of late, but I have moved back to Edinburgh. I left the Thistle Bloomsbury Hotel in November to take up a cellermans post at the Eros Nightclub in Fountainbridge but after a week I knackered my back and had to quit.

Give my best to the gang and hopefully I may make it down to the AGM. I do miss the meetings as I've always looked forward to them each month."


"I'll either merit another Jimmy Boco Award or I 'll be shot at dawn as a traitor.

Do you know where I was the day Hibs drew at Tynecastle at Christmas.???

I have been doing a few agency shifts around that time and on that occasion I was at Tynecastle. I didn't see any of the game as I was busy underneath the stand in the executive lounge - WORKING FOR THE JAMBOS…..the lure of filthy lucre eh!!"

GGTTH           Jimmy Wallace

Next meeting will be Tuesday 12th March.



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