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Dear HHHT,

Over the last few years I’ve watched with interest your campaign to try and ensure Hibs’ home games don’t automatically clash with Scotland rugby home games. (A legacy of FTB convincing the Scottish League that the Edinburgh polis couldn’t possibly cope with a mammoth crowd at Tynie on the same day as a game at Murrayfield) After London Hibs talked with Dougie Cromb we had 2 seasons of the fixture alternating between Hibs & Hearts. I notice however that this season we reverted to type and Scotland’s 2 home games against Wales & Ireland both clashed with Hibs’ home games. Incidentally did you notice last season that when Hearts were at home on the same day as Scotland – France, the pieman kicked up all sorts of fuss claiming it had cost Hearts about �30,000 in lost income, not counting unsold pies! As usual not a word from Hibs this season, did anyone even notice ?

Next season we will have World Cup games at Murrayfield as well as the newly extended 6 Nations championship. Is it too much to hope that someone at Easter Road will be aware of this situation and will either ensure we share the burden equally with Hearts or show some imagination and switch our fixture to the Sunday. In the last fanzine you talked about marketing Hibs in Ireland. Didn’t we miss a great opportunity recently when 15,000 Irish were in town for the rugby to hold our game on the Sunday & try & encourage some Irish support ? Keep up the good work !

Ryan Organ

Dear HHHT,

I noticed recently that a letter in Mass Hibsteria suggested that in recognition of our lifelong debt to Dundee, Hibs fans should no longer sing "We are Hibernian FC, we hate JamTarts and we hate Dundee", rather we should sing Airdrie rather than Dundee. I would go further and suggest we change the words to " we hate JamTarts but we love Dundee."

Given that we have beaten Airdrie now on our last 6 meetings scoring 16 goals and conceding 4, it looks like that bogey team has bit the dust.

The Dundee saga however keeps getting better. Everyone of course looks back to 1986 with gratitude to Dundee and laughter at Hearts but in a previous issue of HHHT we pointed out that in 1965, Hearts lost the league on goal difference having conceded 7 goals to Dundee at Tynecastle only a couple of months earlier. Come to think of it, Hearts must be about the only team to have difficulty in scoring 7 at Tynecastle! Anyway to return to the present, in 1998/99 season our Friends From the North are at it again. As I write, Dundee have the magnificent total of 30 points and no fewer than 12 of those (an amazing 40%) have been won against Hearts ! Without those points Dundee would already be virtually relegated. If the Jambos are relegated instead however (and lets not have any of this mealy mouthed crap about us wanting them in the Premier) then the boys from Dens will be largely responsible.

Which brings me to Radio Scotland – On The Ball, on the way to Somerset for yet another victory. Have you heard Hearts are taking up night training to avoid relegation? yes they’re taking the night train to Dundee each night and wrecking Dens Park !! – Brilliant !

Altogether now – We are Hibernian FC, We hate Jam Tarts but we love Dundee !!

Simon James

Dear HHHT,

The last time I was at Easter Road, the Hibees recovered from going a goal down to beat Raith Rovers. Just my luck that they should embark on a 22 game unbeaten run as soon as I move to Spain where Barcelona are looking favourites for another title after putting together a Hibs style sequence of 8 wins on the trot, which is a poor second to he Hibees 13 of course.

Rivaldo has arguably been the player of the season. Scoring well into double figures by March is something most midfielders can only dream of, with the obvious exception of course of our Paddy.

One of the highlights of the season was February’s Cup-League triple bill between Barca and Valencia. The first leg of the cup encounter ended in a 3-2 victory for the visitors in the Nou Camp. Valencia then won the second leg 4-3 to record a 7-5 aggregate victory. If anyone was still in doubt about their attacking credentials, they returned to the Nou Camp a week later for the league game and won 4-2. Were Barcelona wearing clogs instead of boots? Quite possibly when you consider their team includes the De Boer twins, Zenden, Cocu and Kleivert to name a few. "If there are too many Dutch players in the squad, then I’m a Dutchman" said Coach Luis Van Gaal, or at least he should have said that. Argentinean striker, Claudio Lopez scored a total of 6 goals in the 3 matches as the Barca defence failed to cope with his pace. It would be great to see him in a Hibs jersey next season as SPL defenders would need motorbikes to get near him. Well you can always dream!

On the minus side Vallencia have former Gers ‘sloth’, Jocky Bjorkland featuring regularly in their side. Even more to their credit than that they are currently second in the table and into the cup semi-finals.

However, the real laughing stock of the Spanish season has been Brazilian winger Denilson, whose form has dipped even faster than the Jambos. Signed by Seville club, Real Betis, last summer for around �17 million, the Brazilian is capable of some amazing tricks.

You may recall his series of dummies in the world cup, which Ron Atkinson referred to as ‘lollipops’ for reasons only Atko can explain. Anyway, Denlison himself is the biggest dummy in Spanish football right now. Scorer of only one goal so far, I’ve seen him miss a penalty and trip over the ball with amazing regularity. He has become so bad that in a recent game against Celta Vigo he was replaced in the second half by a player called, wait for it….. Oli. With Oli in attack it’s little wonder that Betis are failing to live up to the form of the previous season when they qualified for the UEFA cup. The team’s saving grace though is surely the attractive green and white strips. If they got rid of the vertical white lines up the middle of the shirt, in their replica kits, Real Betis might start emulating the famous Edinburgh Hibees.

Steve Porter
Cadiz, Spain

Dear HHHT,

In your article in fanzine issue 21, you asked for other candidates for a London Hibs XI.

I could be mistaken but I thought that both Kevin McAllister (now Falkirk) and Joe McLaughlin (now Clydebank) had spells at Chelsea. I believe also that Eddie May spent some time at Brentford and that Andy Dow had a spell at Chelsea.

Also, Paul Wright went to QPR from Aberdeen for a few brief months before he realised that the horizontal stripes accentuated his bulging waist-line and clashed with his plooks!

Jim Leighton had a loan spell at Arsenal after his Manchester United Cup Final debacle led to his exit from Old Trafford. .

Randy Lleb

Dear HHHT,

I read my first copy of "Hibees Here Hibees There" just recently - the winter 99 issue; this despite being a member of a devoted Hibee family. My brothers travel from Bute, Watford and Deal to the matches whenever possible. One such match was the New Year game when the Hibees were well on form. I know this as it was my first visit to Easter Road. (A shocking admission to make due to my advancing years.) My husband, a Motherwell supporter, (close to a contradiction in terms!) has been to Easter Road more often....not too difficult under the circumstances. Having been to other football matches I was amazed at the atmosphere in the ground. Hibs supporters are, I think, unsurpassed in their devotion to their team.

Phoning home on a Saturday afternoon is not as easy as it sounds especially when the Hibees have scored and when someone scores against the Jambos. (The phonelines have been red-hot this season on both counts!) I don't know if the boys have advanced to BT's three-way calling yet but surely it's only a matter of time.

My dad maintains none of us were coerced into following the Hibees but that it was our own choice........ why then was I not too surprised when my 3 year old daughter announced the other day she was a Hibee the same as grandpa.

A new generation of supporters looking forward to experiencing that which is uniquely Hibee.

Carole-Marie Watney

Dear HHHT,

The problems of bringing a son up a Hibs fan in London are numerous. However one amusing incident recently was when my four year old son, who of course has all the Hibs gear, was asked by his granny who was visiting from Edinburgh " So do you support Hibs like daddy?" He replied "No I support Hibees". I obviously need to work harder on his education.

Dear HHHT,

Now that the euphoria of May 98 has disappeared , I thought an unbiased, objective and impartial assessment of the Jambo’s achievement would be in order. For those of you who have put the whole thing out of your mind or have just forgotten the gory details, here’s how they did it:

3rd round: A home draw against Clydebank with Paul Lovering and Joe McLaughlin. Bankies at that time were in the middle of the 2nd Division. 2-0 to the Jambos.

4th round: An easier tie this time – home to the mighty Albion Rovers, starring no one you’ve ever heard of. 3-0 to the Jambos.

5th round: Another home tie but this time against one of the bigger boys, Ayr United. But remember, this was a completely different team from today’s with players like Billy Findlay, Andy Walker and Andy Millen – then, they had Finnbogason, D’Jaffo and Dick and were to avoid relegation only by winning on the last day of the season.

So that’s the Jambos in the Semis along with Rangers, Celtic and Falkirk. That’s right, they drew Falkirk. Surprisingly, the tie was held at Ibrox rather than Tynecastle and, with the Bairns fielding donkey’s like Berry, Crabbe and Hagen, it was no surprise when our city rivals marched into the final.

There, they met patently the worst Rangers team in a decade; so bad that, within a few months, 10 of the team had retired, gone into showbusiness or moved on a free transfer.

Yes, a magnificent triumph for the Jambos. Sour grapes? No, honestly not. In fact, I feel sorry for the Jambos. Imagine if Hibs had won the cup, bought new players and ended up having a season like Hearts are having – Roll on the next Derby!

Hibs 7


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