Sunday 21 January 2001

Venue: Birbeck College-Northolt/Greenford


John Leslie (9.250)

Al Harper (9) Robert Ruth (9.5) Jim McPherson (9.5) Leon Ashford (9.5)

Russell Stinson (9.75) Adam Pomaro (9.25) Leigh Everett (9.5) Neil Henty (9.25)

Graeme Thompson (9) Gerry Vavasour (9.5)


Simon Hibbitt


Simon Hibbitt (Superb Hatrick) 9.5
Adam Pomaro (2 goals)
Robert Ruth (1, but a couple poked in by poachers;-))
Graeme Thompson (1, should have been a barrow load more;-))
Russell Stinson (a cracker linked up from a Gerry V cross superb)

Match Review

Well it was all a bit farcical really; the game was played at Birbeck sports ground up of the M40 miles from anywhere. The Irish manager once we were out on the pitch wanted to call it off there was no way that was happening and after a short frank exchange of views the game went ahead.

With Ireland taking an early lead and looking something like the team that ruled the league not so long ago. Very quickly the team got down to business with ADAM scoring in reply to make it 1-1, then Rob storming forward to make it 1-2 with a lovely header. Adsyp then stepped up to make it 1-3 with a wonderful free kick. That was it to half time, with the curse of Drummond on Gerry V and his 2nd match back, he created a lot in the first half but finishing nothing himself. Graeme Thompson (recently gone missing) was getting battered left right and centre, which was pretty bad considering the sheer size of the quiet hulking lad. So half time and 3-1. Ireland down but not out and London Hibs a little restive.

Second Half

The first half being reffed by Simon Hibbitt saw the second half switch Simon to right back and Al to the Refs role. Very quickly we got into our rhythm a started to get a real grip of the game. Leigh Everett was ripping their left flank up and Neil and Leon were neutralising their counters on our right. Adam and Russell were putting together some lovely moves in midfield and Gerry V was taking their backs on cross-country runs they knew little about. Then the goals started to pour in. A scramble in the box led to a Rob header that Simon managed to knock in 4-1 another occasion Graeme drilled home from outside the box. Gerry V was creating and crossed an inch perfect ball for first Russell and then Simon a further twice. The goal by Russell scored at the back post after a wonder cross from the left goes down as the best in my book what an effort from Gerry V. All the time Russell was utterly commanding in the Midfield holding position and most of the play went through him and usually on to Gerry or Leigh.

Ireland got a bit of a break to make it 2-8, but our overall dominance was unquestionable and over the season 16 goals to Irelands 3 does tell a very real difference in class.

Man of the Match

Russell was outstanding in this bizarre game covering every bit of ground and meeting the challenges and making the passes that mattered.


A tremendous performance with a weakened team and only one sub. The tempo in the second half saw the Irish stretched all over the place and Hibs doing their goal difference no harm at all.

Well Done

Kevin Robertson

President London Hibernian Football Team


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