Sunday 19 November 2000

Venue: Barn Elms

Kick Off: 2.30pm

Man of the Match: Russell Stinson

Score 8-1

John Leslie (8)

Jim McPherson (9)

Kevin Ford (8.75)               Rob Ruth (9)         Leon Ashford (8.75)

Leigh Everett (9.25)               Adam Pomaro (8.75)              Al Harper(9)

            Russell Stinson (9.75)

Grant Ross (9)              Bryn Thomas (9)


Mark Grice (8.75) for Leon
Dave Drysdale (8.75) for Bryn
Elliot for Leigh (9)


Rosie Bernie; John Stevenson; David Lawlor, Luke Pomaro and the Thomas family


This match was clouded by two events. The first and most serious was the injury and departure of brave Bryn Thomas. Our continued best wishes are extended to him and his family. Secondly the refereeing debacle was and is simply unacceptable.

Their team was a genuine combination of the two previous EIRE teams, this meant there was a mixture of youth and experience, but very little spirit. We were clearly up for this game, with the welcome return of a number of players. Early on Leigh Everett showed his intent by running past their left back at will. The pressure told when Adam took yet another corner crossing as Leigh rose to header home. 1-0 to Hibs. Next up was a similar effort from Grant Ross, whose pace was causing the ageing EIRE defence all sorts of problems. EIRE were effectively finished after this 2nd, in my 7 years with the team I have never played an EIRE team with so little fight about them – Astonishing.

What followed was not so much astonishing as a one of piece of genius when Al Harper received the ball in the left midfield position and lobbed the goalie from 45 yards. This was superb and is the early leader for goal of the season. This was then followed by another Grant Goal to make it 4-0 at half time. In the first half Bryn was involved in couple of hard physical challenges and retired seemingly winded from the pitch, I even rubbed his back and told him he promised me a Hatrick. Bryn was in distress and fortunately his parents and girlfriend were there to order an ambulance to have him taken to Hospital where early attention averted his Death. Shocking!!

Second Half

One of Leigh Everett’s friends had rocked up and was drafted in as Referee, the stick he was getting from the EIRE manager meant that I had to go on as sub ref to settle things down.  I will have more to say on this later, what this did do was release Elliot to play for us with Leigh coming off

The pitch had cut up so badly at this point it was amazing that we could still play our slick football. But Russell scored another 35-yard lob this time, Dave Drysdale should’ve scored a barrow load but had to content himself with one. Billy Elliot again in a well-worked move slipped a simple ball passed their gallant keeper. This was then followed by Elliot again causing havoc resulting in an OG.


The defence was glorious, with John having little to do; their goal is of no interest to me. The back four were superb, with Kev Ford getting the filthiest man of the match award, like a pig in s***e, he loved it. Leon and Gricey swapped smoothly and added to our all round strength. Rob and Jim were immense, both complimenting each other and also taking the pressure of each other. I believe we now have the best defence in the league.

In midfield Leigh Everett’s fitness is a positive boon and should make Adam Pomaro stand up and take notice. Russell’s running, passing and movement were not just good they were at times sublime. Al Harper’s strike and increasing fitness give us added dimensions in this area. Up Front Bryn was superb until his injury and Grant along with David created so many chances it could’ve been double figures had they put them away.

Well done boys, great result, especially when Bryn is on the mend.


El Presidente



We won 8-1 in an emphatic and skillful display.

A major downside is that we have lost Bryn for some time. He went off, with us suspecting he was winded, but it turns out he had punctured his lung. The gravity of the situation is simple, if Bryn's girlfriend and parents had not called the ambulance when they did, Bryn would be dead. Fluid was gathering on his lung, making it more and more difficult to breathe. Fortunately he was cared for and will now be under closer care and and attention in hospital. Apparently an ailment like this can take anything from 1 week to two weeks to recover from in hospital, thereafter there is an even longer period for convalescing.
I am sure you will want to pass on your regards, so if you send me or Dave Lawlor some E-mail good wishes I will make sure Bryn receives these along with something appropriate as a get well pressie from the team.
Join London Hibs and if you get an injury it will either:
Put you out until the New Year (Gerry V)
Ruin your career forever (Tony Lawlor)
Threaten your life (Bryn Thomas)
Gallows humour boys, we are top of the league, but to be honest I care more about each and everyone of you, rather than Victory at all costs and crumpled bodies all over the place.
Field Marshall Robertson Haig
"Lions led by a donkey"



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