London Hibs 5 Middlesbrough 3

Sunday 11 March 2001

Venue: Barn Elms


John Leslie 10

Kevin Ford 10 Jim McPherson 10 Robert Ruth 10 Al Harper 10

Neil Henty 10 Leigh Everett 10 Russell Stinson 10

Adam Pomaro 10

Grant Ross 10 Bryn Thomas 10


Gerry Vavasour (For Bryn Thomas) 10
Simon Hibbitt (For Russell Stinson) 10

Match Report

Well what an absolutely superb performance from you all. You have all got 10 out 10 for this performance for a very simple reason you have all been superb all season and I am proud as punch of you all.

The match started in terrible conditions with a muddy pitch and drizzly rain that intensified the state of the pitch. Middlesboro were again strong but very quickly we started to exploit their main weakness - their pace at the back.

The first goal came fairly early with Adsyp nipping in with yet another header to make it 1-0. The scramble in the box makes it difficult for me to be clear but it was certainly he that scored.

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Goal number 1(Adam Pomaro)

Next up was the gallant hero Bryn, back from the collapsed lung and raring to go. Another scramble with the ball being played from the left across the box – low and Bryn carefully and calculatingly put his knee to it and it was 2-0.

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Goal number 2 (Bryn Thomas)

We were dominant, the flanks were secure in Al and Kevin and the midfield was the best all season. This was due to David Drysdale’s absence (only that Adam got moved forward) that meant Adam pushed in to the hole behind the front two, playing to his strength and allowing the dynamic combination of Leigh Russ and Neil in midfield to battle away and win more second ball than we have at any other time this season. More tackles were made in this game than most others and our determination was immense.

Half Time 2-0

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Half Time Team Talk

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Half Time Team Talk

The second half critically saw Russell come off injured with a recurrence of his back injury. Immediately Simon Hibbitt came on, whilst not as match fit as previously he did a solid job. The first goal came from Hibs was an absolute stoatir and is right up there for goal of the season – Adam freed to a more creative role was on the left hand side of their box, he cut inside his man and switched the ball to the path of his right foot and with a sweet hit and perfectly weighted chip lobbed the keeper to make it 3-0!

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Adam celebrates his "goal of the season"

Game over or so you would have thought, but Boro are tenacious and came back strongly, a weak throw in from Simon lead to four passes and a killer goal. As a move it was amongst the best on the day 3-1. Next up was a period when we lost shape and confusion reigned. A deep drive forward from a free kick resulted in an uncharacteristic mistake in defence with a Boro striker managing to get up between a defender and John and just knock the ball beyond the normal path 3-2.

We were still playing good football, but were looking increasingly suspect to a rampant Boro, whose passing was crisp and our closing slack – this resulted in a 3rd goal for them 3-3.

The game was in the last ten minutes now, but I never panicked on a personal level nor did David, we knew we would win – cometh the hour cometh the man THE G Man.

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Gerry Vavasour awaits the call from the subs bench - or was it the catwalk?

Bryn came off and David and I made our best joint substitution of the season. Gerry V within 10 seconds of coming on for Bryn was free on the right of the goal and was so deliberate in his delivery that Mike Inglis has a very clear picture of this to verify, (see below) everyone except Gerry went the wrong way as the ball trickled goal ward through Flanders field over a bit of Bryn’s lung and in to the pokey 4-3 ya bass!!

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Gerry V scores goal number 4

We then played some great football to see out the game, but the ref decided balance was the order of the day and had to give us one decision in 10, so the resulting free kick was slightly to the left of the left post and up lumbered the prolific Pomaro, the Italian gelding to power home his best free kick of the season – driving it to the left of the keeper as if the wall were like the Berlin wall – no longer there and it travelled like a Double Bacardi and Diet Coke travels from the bar in to Scot Drummonds’ hand with voracious velocity;-))

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Goal number 5 - and a great free kick from Adam Pomaro

5-3 and then the ref blow the final whistle!


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Jodie and Simone escort Jim off the pitch

Match Summary

This game was a cracker to watch, the effort put in made a very solid Boro side look ordinary in the first half. The way the ball was pinged around the park and the commitment in the challenge was everything as a player manager and President I could’ve wanted. The brief collapse in the second half was healed when it began to matter and once again we dug deep to get the result.

Some great moments in the game:

1.   Bryn’s return.

2.   Kev Ford waving as he outplayed then sped past a failing Boro left winger, then compounding their managers obvious bad day by stepping over a challenge and asking “whose yer daddy”

3.   Me and Dave’s Gerry substitution.

4.   Gerry’s cracking goal.

5.   Adam’s beautiful goals in a heavenly hat-trick.

6.   Jim’s beautiful shorts, blemished only at the end of the game.

7.   Leigh Everett telling me he could go again in the P&P.

8.   Grant Ross’s despairing header finding muscles he never knew he had.

9.   The team spirit and the support from the fans

10. Jodie and Simone our two best supporters being soaked giving me my brolly back and telling me “we don’t care that we’re wet” That’s dedication.

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The triumphant London Hibs football team celebrate winning the APFSCIL League for the second year running

Final Comments:

This for you and me should be half way, we still have three games left and if we win these we will do something that no team has done in the 21 year History of the APFSCIL league. So stay focussed and let’s get on and make an indelible mark in the History books.

Well Done

Kevin Robertson

President London Hibs Football Team

President Kevin Robertson and Webmaster Mike Inglis celebrate after the match


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