LONDON HIBS 9 Kettering Town 0

Sunday 20 February 2000

Report by Kevin Robertson


Kettering Town Vs. London Hibernian, Wormwood Scrubs (on pitches so criminal that they are rightly next to HMP "the scrubs")

Date: Sunday 20th February 2000

Scot Drummond (9)

Aidan McGettigan (9.5) Mark Grice (9.5) Jim McPherson (9.75) Lee Steer (9.5)

Neil Hinty (9.5) Jason Steer (9.5) Adam Pomoro (9.5) Russell Stinson (9.5)

Graeme Thompson (9.75) Gerry Vavasour (9)


James Allen (for Gerry Vavasour) 9.5
Leon Ashford (for Lee Steer) 9
Dave (NH's flatmate) for Graeme Thompson 8

Hibees in 9-goal thrashing

Kettering are not the team they once were, challenging us for the third division 6 seasons ago or pipping us by one point to win the second division 3 seasons ago. They didn't organise a referee, so yours truly "Slobodan Robertson" stepped in to the breech (snugly).

With most of our first team players back, we were never going to lose. So it was a question of staying motivated long enough to pile on the goal difference. The manager's pre-match instructions were very simple,
Play the ball down the flanks.
Lob it over the quagmire in the middle.
When these were followed, the goals flowed. First to score was an on form Graeme Thompson, returning at 6.30am from a fitness weekend in the Emerald Isle. I put him up front with Showbiz and he did not disappoint. The first goal after enormous over elaboration came eventually in the 15th minute. Graeme rounding the keeper and slotting home. 1-0 to the Hibees. 10 minutes later, there was a second goal by GT, with London Hibs moving forward in scenes reminiscent of the Charge of the Light Brigade. Power football rather than poetic. Showbiz, not to be outdone stepped up despite an ankle knock to make it 3-0 in 20 minutes. Russell Stinson, happy along with Aido for the Irish Rugby result then knocked in his first and our fourth.
The best move of the half didn't actually result in a goal. The move started from right back, Aido received the ball from Jim speeding down the right, one two with Neil Hinty and on to Adam who then placed a superb pass in the path of the indefatigable McGettigan. The ball was smashed just past the post. Deserved a goal!

Half Time 0-4

The key to winning the league may come to goal difference; with this in mind the half time talk actually became a bit of a bollocking. The point on goal difference was well made. So within five minutes of the start Russell Stinson made it 5-0 with the best goal of the day. Outside their box, he drilled home with a crisp sweet volley. Fab
GT was having a stonker of a game, receiving the ball in midfield he stormed forward through the football equivalent of Flanders field, in on goal he made it 6-0 in 55th minute.
Jim and Gricey played a key role in our attack, by breaking their forwards' hearts. Route one football is damned effective in conditions like these and it worked well. Next to step up to the plate, was one the Kettering players. A Turkey voting for Christmas or someone just so bloody exhausted or someone who wants us to beat Rangers in the league, so 7-0 in the 57th minute. All these goals are hiding the fact that there were so many misses. Adam an absolute sitter, something about the ball sticking in the mud, big Jason smacking the ball hither and thither, Russell whilst scoring 2, squandered several. Neil hinty driving from the back also passed up on Glory, as did the in-form Aido. But then that is looking at the CUP as half full. Gerry V, suffering a ankle knock came off and the James Allen got stuck in right away, with Leon on for Lee Steer. James beat four players on the right to get stuck in the mud. His persistence paid off when he eventually knocked in, to equal our highest score this season of 8-0. Finally, temporary Captain Pomoro fumbled the ball across the line from an inch out. Getting to the ball faster than the Kettering goalkeeper who was actually on crutches before the match. Adam and Russell along with Gerry V are going for the London Hibs golden boot. Things could get very interesting.

So 9-0 at full time.

Match View:
A sound overall performance, the panther kept an immaculately clean sheet, like the Immaculate Conception, this was also a miracle. Given that Jim and Gricey are on fire, our keepers don't have much to do. The backs fitness gave us numerous attacking options and broke their spirit regularly. In midfield, the welcome return of Jason Steer augmented the skill of Adam and showed the sibling love inter-passing with his wee brother. Up front GT was superb and showbiz could take it easy.

I'm delighted, well done.

MoM: Graeme for three well taken goals. Jim was immense a usual, but G&T gets the vote.

Manager London Hibs


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