Sunday 26 March 2000

Report by Kevin Robertson

Score 2-4 to the Hibee Boys

John Leslie (8.5)

Andy Hardie (8.5) Jim McPherson (9.5) Mark Grice(8.5) Neil Hinty (9)

Aidan McGettigan (9) Stephen Watts (8.5) Adam Pomaro (8.5) Russell Stinson

Gerry Vavasour (9.75) Graeme Thompson (9)

David Lawlor on for the injured Neil Hinty (9)

GV GV GV so easy ozee. We beat this team and beat them well. Gerry Vavasour gets the man of the match for a fantastic hat-trick and some PELESQUE moves.

The referee was the Michelin man version of Mr Magoo. Poor thing, I think it is cruel for the league to retain his services.

The pitch was great for us, large flat and with lots of space. It meant our
expansive footballing style was well suited to the conditions. We went ahead in ten minutes when their keeper fluffed dreadfully leaving Adsyp plenty of time to make it 1-0. This was then followed by Gerry V lobbing there keeper to make it 2-0. Gerry tried an absolute stoatir from 35 yds, managing to hit the bar. This was then almost bettered when GV put in a cross for slow starting GT who just missed missed the ball in front of an open goal.

We got a little scrappy in patches with some of the powder puff passing
nearly winding a couple of the players in Hammersmith hospital. This unfortunately was to become a harsh reality for Neil Hinty in the second

Half Time 2-0

Second half they began to clatter us left right and straight on the nose. We as per bloody normal took the foot off the collective pedal allowing them to get one goal back. The back four were caught after totally lame tackling in the centre of midfield allowing them to come straight at us lobbing the defence making it 2-1.

We came back at them directly, scoring with a move starting from the right back position with the newly born foal stumbling to deliver a ball through to Aidan McGettigan onto GT. GT ran the length of their half beating their player down the right flank to get enough space to send in a wonderful cross whipped in to GV who in an ugly goal mouth scramble slotted home with the help of a deflection. In your managers view it's GV's goal.

3-1 to the HIBS. After this EIRE ripped us apart, Neil Hinty getting clattered from this extremely physical yet fair team. Yours truly stomped on to the pitch to remonstrate with REF who hadn't even seen the bloody thing and was so unaware of the game played on until I was half way toward him.

Neil tackled bravely and for his valour gets the player I most used to be like award. He was taken off and Dave Lawlor joined the fray. The pressure told with some very slack defending it was 3-2 and oh panic stations. For ten minutes we were utter pish. The team was roaring and shouting at each other and some of the more self-conceited players tried to have a go at the manager, always a very stupid mistake. We collected ourselves with the quiet confidence exuding from Jim Mc spreading balm like across the rest of the team. GV had a dispute with their carthorse of a centre back who would have been a least booked by a better ref. Being the player he is though GV responded with a wonder goal to make it 4-2. He collected the ball on the right from Aido worked it passed a defender into a bit of space with Russell Stevie and Adam giving him options he decided to lob the keeper and enter the goal of the season category. Superb 4-2 and a hatrick for GV.

Match View:

I am happy with this performance; we fought hard and delivered the goods, ok so we panicked a bit when they came back at us. So we had a go at each other, my view is this just shows how much we care for the team. No damage done. We won.

Rangers will not find it easy against these guys; they are a rough physical team and will easy mix it with the HUNS. So one game to go in the league campaign a far better performance than last week and far better result.

Well-done lads.

Manager London Hibs


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