Sunday 14 November 1999

Report by Kevin Robertson


Match report Versus Bristol City

Hibernian Team:

John Leslie (9)

Lee Steer (9)   Jim McPherson (9)   Mark Grice (9.5)    Grant Ramsey (8.5)

Aidan McGettigan (9)        Tony Lawlor (9.5)   Jason Steer (9)     Russell Stinson (9)

Adam Pomoro (8.5)   Steve Booth (9)

Leon Ashford (8.5)(Grant Ramsey)
John Stevenson (8.5) (Adam Pomoro)
Luke Pomoro (5)
Dave Lawlor (6)
Sanj Arora (5)

Manager: Kevin Robertson

This was a clinical performance against a well-organised and determined Bristol City team. They had one basic flaw, their goalkeeper. Steven Booth's first full debut saw a wonderful strike on the volley from a big Jason knock down. 1-0, fabby dabby. No goalkeepers in our league apart from our own would have saved that.
Next to strike for the mighty London Hibs was Lee Steer. Running up from the right back position, he hit a wonderfully speculative shot that according to
Lee dipped passed the keeper. In your manager's view the ball trundled toward goal, took a bounce off a divot and bounced over their pygmy goalie. Still a
goal is a goal 2-0.
The third goal was in Russell's own opinion a Rasper and I have to agree it was. It was a direct hit from 22 yards, the goalie jumped out of the way or was unsighted, depending on who you are, so we were 3-0 up.
The fourth goal when it came was a Pomoro speciality, after squandering chance upon chance our Italian stallion decided it was time to shake his ass and shimmy passed the lumbering centre backs, rounding their colossally bad keeper and stroking home, for 4-0.
Excellent stuff from the lads.
A brief lapse in defence resulted in their best player sweeping down the left flank, floating a great cross, that was met by an equally good header, making it 4-1 at half time.

The second half was a different affair, they changed their keeper and we took our foot of the collective pedal. Every attack they had however was thwarted. John Jim and Gricey dealt emphatically with any attacks that managed passed our superb defence. What I particularly liked was the aggression shown by our defence, whether it be Jim or Gricey stepping up to meet the balls passed to their forwards or Grant penning their absolute
koont of a player in the right midfield position. Leon when he came on did likewise stepped passed the defender to nip the ball of the forward's foot.
It is fantastic technique and is extremely frustrating for any opposition.
Well-done lads.

Match View:
We have a balance to our team that we have only had on rare occasions in the past. Whether it be in the ability to change players with equally competent subs in Leon John Luke or da main man Dave Lawlor or the fact that Adam can come off to go and watch a Chelsea game. We have a tremendous squad and balance.
My view on man of the match, should read men of the match. I actually thought Mark Grice and Tony Lawlor equally, but because Tony is such a
cheeky koont, I am going to give it to Gricey (ha foozing ha TH, like who cares?)
I was particularly pleased to see the boys not taking outrageous play from the opponents like a bunch of lightweight shandy drinkers. Sibling rivalry
has another side and it was clear when Jason got amongst it after his brother was savaged by one of their lumbering defenders, in addition the main man on da wing came steaming across at the threat to his brother and team. I for one will back you all 100% when crap like that happens on the pitch. Well done Dave and Jason for sticking up for your brothers.
I am happy that we have a great number of options for the cup game. I am confident we can do it against the HUN on the 21st.
My thanks to Jim's dad for collecting the corner flags and Dave for doing the line, it is such actions that make the team easier to run. -1 to Scot
Drummond for failing to show after securing a place, not acceptable big boy.Also Scooby, crap excuse "world cup final" on Saturday, not Sunday -1 point.

(Manager London Hibs)


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