Sunday 3 October 1999

Report by Kevin Robertson

The London Hibs team against Eire was (performance rating next to name).

John Leslie 8.5

Andy Hardy 8  Jim McPherson 9 Mark Grice 8.5  Grant Ramsey 8.5

Aidan McGettigan 8.5  Tony Lawlor 8.5 Jason Steer 8.5   Russell Stinson 8.5

Gerry Ravisher 9.5  Steve Booth 8

David Lawlor 8(Aidan McGettigan)
Tony the Gardener 8(Steve Booth)

From the ridiculous to the sublime in one week, London Hibs are bloody amazing. This was simply the best performance this season and outside the 10-1 slaughter of Man Utd, the best performance ever by a London Hibs team.
The fact that your truly was the ref. was neither here nor there. We had four debut boys in Steve Booth, Tony Lawlor and Tony the Gardener and Russell Stinson. The quality of play was of a level that was a joy to watch. The loss of a goal to a great EIRE long-range bullet did not put the team one jot in
the job it had to do. The midfield was immense, creating chance after chance.
Gerry gets the man of the match award, but he was definitely a case of "Primus inter pares".
Their first goal was created from nothing, new boy Tony Lawlor failed to close one of their early play makers down in midfield, the defence also failed to close and the Irish lad sent an absolutely stonking shot into the top right corner. Stunning goal for EIRE, 1-0.
Hibs response was a combination of individual genius and concerted team effort down their right flank. The ball eventually broke to Gerry who beat three men on the 18-yard line then unleashed a thunderbolt over their goalie.

1-1 Half Time

The second half began with one change in personnel, with Steve Booth clearly suffering the impact of the previous nights engagement party to the lovely Louisa, yet promising much for the future. Tony the gardener came on. The intensity of play was clearly beginning to tell on an elderly EIRE team, they
were tiring while we were tireless. Gerry was moving from left to right up front. The midfield was rock solid with Jason just about winning every header and Tony challenging gamely. The defence was troubled infrequently and when they were calmly turned the defence into rapid offence, by moving the ball to feet into the midfield general, Tony Lawlor. Tony had options right and left and both were used. Most effectively on the right where Aido, Gerry and Tony all linked superbly. The second London Hibs goal was created from one such move. The ball fed to the right was eventually crossed in front of their
goalie with big Jason knocking it to the goalies right 2-1 to the London Hibs. The chances kept on coming, their left back eventually and justifiably going into the book for another cynical challenge on Aido. Their centre back equally tackled Russell in a tired fashion, thus giving a free kick on the
edge of the box, unfortunately Tony belted it straight into the wall.
The third goal when it came was worked down the right, with Tony the gardener lumbering toward the box, with menacing elephantine intent. Tony passed right to Aido, laying it off to an in form and fitter Bambi Hardy, he knocked onto Geronimo Ravisher the ball knocked back again and the gardener planted a peach of a header that wriggled under the despairing EIRE keepers body. 3-1 to London Hibs.

Dave Lawlor then came on for Aidan McGettigan and continued to harry the poor jock at Left back. The ball was switched from wing to wing, back to front with everyone wanting and everyone capable of using the ball. From keeper to forward we were immense. There were no weaknesses in the team, evidenced when thinking of places for our three older stars: Tony Fryars, Stephen Watts and
Adam Pomoro.

Full Time: 3-1 to the London Hibs

Our next game is the cup game against BORO and I want revenge, with yesterdays team it will be sweet. I would like Tony Fryars to come down, so get in contact TF. Adam will be available Neil and Lee should be back.

4 weeks after the start of the season I have team capable of doing the double. Some poor sods are going to get annihilated by us. Disappointed by the no show of Scoob and John Stevenson, along with any phone calls. That does not diminish the contentment that I now have a team that is going to
challenge ferociously in every remaining game of the season.

FANTASTIC, well done boys

(Manager London Hibs)


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