LONDON HIBS 2 Rangers 4


Sunday 16 April 2000

Report by Kevin Robertson

Photos by Mike Inglis

Venue: Hayes FC, Church Road, Middlesex

Time: 3pm


John Leslie (8.25)

James Allen (8) Jim McPherson (8.5) Mark Grice (8) Neil Henty (8.25)

Aidan McGettigan(8) Adam Pomaro (8) Jason Steer (8) Lee Steer (8)

Gerry Vavasour(8.5)              Graeme Thompson(8)


Leon Ashford on for James Allen (8.25)

Paul Goodlad on for Graeme Thompson (8)

Andy Hardy

Scot Drummond

John Weavers

Match Report:

The day started off well enough; the manager had a throat infection that meant he would be unable to shout at the players. We met in the congenial surroundings of Joes Brasserie and had breakfast. We then took our coach up to the ground arriving to chaos. Hayes FC had called all the games off bar ours, so we created a bit of a stramash and stepped in. The pitch was large with a soft surface, yet relatively flat.

We had the largest number of fans there, setting up a barbecue and creating a welcoming family atmosphere. Children particularly girls dont tend to be up for much chanting. In addition we had two video cameras their courtesy of my flatmate Chris Baxter and London Hibs Webmaster Mike Inglis.

The game started after for me an emotional team talk and we got wired in straight away before they knew what hit them, Gerry V collected the ball on the outside of the box drove forward and was lumped into the air and a penalty was awarded. Up steps Adam Pomaro 1-0.

We probed again down the right with Aidan and James working well, the ball was passed to the left of the pitch, with Gerry V collecting beating one and steadying him on goals, result 2-0. We then followed up with other chances GV through again and again coming close. Toward the end of the half Rangers picked up a goal from a scramble in the box, with their play maker until then marked out the game by Jim Mc. 2-1 They then got a dubious penalty from the dreadful far side linesman who had extolled their virtues before hand and now sought to justify his own remarks. I will find out his name he was utterly appalling. Penalty slotted home 2-2 and so came half time.

I made a tactical mistake in not taking the players off the pitch and by perhaps extolling the virtues of the Rangers to the exclusion of our own. Second half reflected this changed state of mind. We were dreadful, with out playmakers not playing at all. Collectively the team did not want to know. The Rangers team while technically inferior to us out fought us. We simply did not compete; the Rangers went three two up from another outrageous decision. Three Rangers players formed an effective wedge around John Leslie whilst the ball was swept in from the corner. John being unable to get to the ball being impeded was stranded as the inevitable header came goal ward. 3-2. We had some moves but a combination of lack of fight an continued bad decision making, resulted in a goal being disallowed after 1 minute when the offside flag went up. Rangers came forward again through our midfield, which in Jason and Adam had all but given up, particularly after another woeful refereeing decision when their centre midfield player had thrown a punch at Jason in front of the ref. Play on.

A spectacular Gricey error under pressure saw a wonderfully weighted back-pass onto the in-form Jim Cowie of Rangers to make it 4-2 and game and season over.

Match View:

We were all disappointed by our performance or lack of it in the final, we were out fought by a team less technically adept than us, they wanted it more on the day and scored the goals that mattered The refereeing was amongst the worst weve experienced this season. The third goal was a disgrace, the far side linesman dire and Bruce Bond craven in his cowardice.

However Rangers deserved victory and we did not, its that simple.

It was great to see the support we had on the day, warm friendly singing Hibs songs etc, and it was disappointing and downright offensive for the sectarian nonsense that came from the opposition support.

It was not a great end to an otherwise great season. Ironic, that we confirmed that we had won the league the same day. You win some you lose some. Overall this has been a brilliant season.

Well done,

Kevin Robertson

The Proud Manager of London Hibs Football Team


The first goal (penalty by Adam Pomaro) can be seen here (590K)
The second goal by Gerry Vavasour is
here (602K)

I'll be adding more video when it becomes available.

 Click below if you do not have Real Player G2 which is needed to play these files.


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Scot Drummond goes through his pre match ritual
Scot Drummond goes through his pre match ritual
Pre Match relaxation for John Leslie and his Father
Pre Match relaxation for John Leslie and his Father
Michelle and Kayleigh Garriock with John Leslie
Michelle and Kayleigh Garriock with John Leslie
Michelle Garriock and John Leslie
Michelle Garriock and John Leslie
Michelle Garriock (Bill's daughter) keeps Mike McSherry off the barbecue
Michelle Garriock (Bill's daughter) keeps Mike McSherry off the barbecue
The fans after the game
The London Hibs fans after the game


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