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    The new manager, 6-2, league reconstruction, Hibs ladies and poppies make up this week's Third Eye view of the forum.

    Colin Calderwood
    Hibernian Football Club welcome Mr Calderwood as new manager of the club and wish him well in his endeavours. His interviews and comments so far sound very encouraging but then so did John Hughes when talking football. The proof of the pudding will be when he's been allowed to introduce his own staff and stamp his personality on the playing side. He can obviously talk the talk but will he be good and strong enough to carry us forward?


    10 Years Ago
    October 22nd 2000 is the date, 6-2 is the scoreline. Often mentioned in the same breath as the 1973 7-0 win, the 6-2 derby victory is fresher in the mind than the almost legendary 70s result. Both hurt the Hearts support deeply, especially this one as the maroons were leading 1-0 before Hibernian started to turn it on and flatten the opposition. We even allowed them a generous consolation goal at the end. Mixu Paatelainen had scored Hibs' first derby hat trick since Pat Quinn's in 1967 when we turned them over 4-1. We may be behind them in derby victory statistics but with the occasional win like these, it makes them all the sweeter...


    League Reconstruction
    What are your thoughts on reconstruction? It looks as though we'll have 14 teams but there's a debate on how many teams should be in the top flight and should there still be a split? Has there been too much tinkering since the Premier League was introduced? Do we play each other too many times per season thus reducing the effect of 'big' games. It used to be that the one visit to Easter Road of, say, Celtic would be spoken about for the whole week ahead of the match in excited terms but nowadays supporters seem more blasť.


    Ladies Scottish Cup
    Hibernian Ladies made it to the cup final after defeating Glasgow City in the semi. They will play one of the Old Firm...


    There will be a special khaki-coloured poppy this year to commemorate the fallen in Afghanistan and Iraq. Do you think it's right that there should be a different one for those campaigns or should the traditional red one be used for all? Should family members who have lost relatives in, say, the Great War as well as in Iraq wear both colours?

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