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Phil D. Rolls

  1. Jings Crivvens Help Ma Bob, Gibby Wants the Bosses Job!

    I shouldn't be doing this, I really shouldn't. But seeing as RBS has totally arsed the NHS, I have nothing to lose.

    Against my better judgement, not to mention professional codes, and medical ethics, I give you an excerpt of a conversation I overheard in Middleton's last week.

    See they ****in mad *****s Ė thaim thits loaked up in the likes eh the Royal Ed. And yon Roslin Lea? Ah ken how they feel ah really dae.

    75 years man an boay standin ...
  2. Last Week's TV

    BBC 2 has been running a series of programmes about mental illness, two, which caught my eye, were [B]A History of the Madhouse[/B] and [B]Sectioned[/B].

    It was refreshing to see the subject treated with an objective stance. A [B]History of the Madhouse[/B] in particular was a dry-eyed commentary on the transition from the use of asylums to care in the community. Recounting some horrific stories of abuse of power and cruelty, it serves as a reminder of society is happy enough with ...
  3. Todays News, Tomorrow's Chip Paper

    Firstly, an apology to younger readers. You may not know this, but in the old days - before PC "went mad" - you used to get your fish supper wrapped in an old newspaper.

    The odd case of a lead poisoning was a small price to pay. Given the choice of a chance to catch up on old news, combined with a nutricious and tasty meal meant it was a risk worth taking.

    Now, I'm one of those types that likes a good moan. Given the current fashion for healthy eating and ...
  4. Let's Go Over to Dictionary Corner

    "Time to take a breather", as Jeff Stelling might say. As we hear what Filled Rolls in dictionary corner has to tell us today.

    I donít know if Iíve ever mentioned this before, but I used to drive a black cab in Edinburgh. It was the classic Bipolar job, you were either in ecstacy or the depths of despair.

    It is the ideal job for a big mouth. It doesnít matter too much if you put your foot in it, you knew that your chances of meeting that person again were ...
  5. To Put the Record Straight

    I have an apology to make. It seems I got the wrong end of the stick from my daughter, and the girl is actually in remission, but is seperating from her husband.

    I'm sorry to have stirred things up on such a sensitive area, but all I can say is my feelings were genuine at the time, as I really thought it was the end.

    I want to reassure everyone that I was genuinely distraught at what I thought was happening. After the Kahoonas incident, I know that some might suspect ...
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