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Thread: WC 1500m

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    WC 1500m

    Edinburgh 2 the world 0

    For the second year in a row we win the 1500m as Josh kerr emulates Jake wightmans efforts from last year, beating Jakob Ingebrigtsen again.


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    Got home just in time to watch it. You could see he had broke Ingebrigsten with about 100m to go. Sensational performance and a worthy follow up to his Olympic bronze.

    Always think 1500m looks the most brutal of track events. It's the best part of a mile almost flat out. Fair play to these guys.

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    Sensational stuff from Ingebrigsten in the 5000m. Thought Katir the Spaniard was just going to hold on. Didn't see that coming, thought one of the 3 Ethiopians would have won it.

    Scottish interest in the women's 800m up next with Jemme Reekie in the final.


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