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Yeah, a real brutal Barcelona side he inherited. Messi, Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, Eto, Henry, Abidal, Yaya Toure. Pure mince.

He made a brilliant side, and spent a lot of money doing so too.

Then he took a treble winning Bayern side.

Then a bottomless pit of money at City.

PSG is exactly his type of job.

Don't think he'd join Arsenal. They can't buy his brother a football club, and pay him offshore, like City do.
Whatever anyone thinks of Pepe Guardiola you can't argue with his record even if he has been at big clubs with big budgets though I would think that brings on a different kind pressure some other managers couldn't cope with possibly.

I think if he had been at Chelsea when Todd Boehly took over and spent as much as they did he would probably have them winning or at least very close to winning the premier League.

Guys a top manager .