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    Running the length of Africa

    Anyone seen this lad? Not sure if this is the right place but it's basically an extreme sport he's doing all on his own.

    Hardest geezer on twitter his name is, if not, look him up. Followed his journey from the start and he's some guy. If he completes it, surely goes down as one of the best human achievements ever. Up there with Alex Honolds free solo.

    300 odd marathons in 250 odd days he's aiming for

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    He's had a hard time the last few days but I'm certain he'll see it through. His run across Asia previously was amazing to witness. There are a few naysayers starting to pop up on his Twitter but they'll be disappointed when he does it. A run on that scale is always going to lead to a few niggles, GI issues and paperwork problems and he's just been unlucky they have all happened at the same time.

    It's quite mind boggling when you think he is on day 40 and won't finish until Christmas week.
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    Yes follow him. What a guy.

    I'm happy enough completing a parkrun. So what he's doing is amazing.

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    His latest tweet is some story. If it was anyone else then I'd think they were at it but having followed his previous adventures, he's not a bull****ter:

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