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Thread: Favourite toy

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    Had a Subbuteo pitch stuck to a big plywood board. I was probably at the tail end of Subbuteos run as it was around the time the FIFA games started appearing on the Mega Drive and the like. What a game though, wish I had held on to some it it.
    I had subbuteo as well. Got my son the new version for his Christmas a few years ago and now he has a pitch stuck to some wood too! Me and my mates used to have subbuteo tournaments in each others houses or, in the summer, outside in the path! One of my mates dad's made a 5 a side subbuteo pitch out of wood. Was amazing. I remember also "welding" injured players back to their base by lighting a match.

    Also had a ZX Spectrum which I loved, and an old BBC computer my dad got from his work. Loved that, especially a football game I had for it. Think it was like an early football manager type game. All the players and the ball were square and there were only a few colours.
    Had the Scalextric as well, and a train set which I still have in the loft. Not forgetting the lego, which my kids have now inherited.
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