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    Cain Velasquez Arrested Over Murder

    According to NBCBayArea.com, a shooting was reported at 3:14 PM on Monday afternoon in San Jose, CA. One man was said to have been shot and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

    Former UFC heavyweight champion and WWE celebrity wrestler Cain Velasquez was said to have been involved in the shooting. Velasquez was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail and is being held on no bail as TMZ.com reports that he is facing an attempted murder charge. TMZ added that jail records show Velasquez was still in police custody as of Tuesday morning and has a court date set for Wednesday.

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    @hibs.net private member Mon Dieu4's Avatar
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    The are reports that he went after a guy who molested his daughter, the police had let the guy out on bail so Velasquez went after him, can't say I blame him

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    *attempted murder.

    It says non life threatening injuries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onceinawhile View Post
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    *attempted murder.

    It says non life threatening injuries
    Maybe tried to kill him but didnt do a very good job. Would assume he would be charged with attempted murder if he shot at a person but majority of bullets missed the target.


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