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    Who takes the pens?

    Who will be the man to hit the penalty's now boyler is away? The wee man had a good record from the spot, nisbet had a bit bother previously..ideally someone who's a regular starter, mueller the man for the job?

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    Hanlon might be a shout

    Even JDH/Newell, cool customers

    Realistically we've barely seen the rest of the team take pens, we'll just have to find out

    Though we probably won't be getting nearly as many pens without Boyle

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    See what Mueller has from 12 yards or maybe Henderson.

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    Cadden could be a shout, he will be a regular starter.

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    With Boyle gone only 3 Hibs players have hit more than 1 penalty for Hibs:

    Paul Hanlon scored 4 out of 5 (80% success rate)
    Scott Allan scored 6 out of 8 (75% success rate)
    Kevin Nisbet scored 2 out of 5 (40% success rate)

    5 players have taken 1 penalty for us and all of them scored: Lewis Stevenson, Joe Newell, Melker Hallberg, Paul McGinn and Ryan Porteous.

    Personally I think one of the new guys will likely get it, Im aware Melkersen took some penalties for Ranheim so maybe him once hes up to speed and in the team


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