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    Quote Originally Posted by Unseen work View Post
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    I think Ross knew exactly what he was doing.

    Every answer in every interview was always carefully thought out, now hes left hes sharing his honest opinion on Boyle and that he should leave where as when he was with us and asked about another player he would have said Im not going to talk about other players out of respect for the club.

    Hes a very calculated man and was undermining the club imo.

    Im glad Maloney mentioned it - he hardly had a massive go at him like some are making out he only said things have been thought and the comments of an ex manager were disrespectful.
    this is where I'm at too - was a big fan of jacks but think he's made an error here. he was always ultra considered - something that made lots of folk say made his interviews dull! glad to hear Maloney react tbh.

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    I've no problem with what either said, in fact the more i think of it, Maloney may be trying to get a siege mentality at the club, and defend everything thats percieved to be negative against the club?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-C View Post
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    Nothing wrong with Ross talking to an ex player but to suggest Hibs weren't doing the right thing by Boyle by not letting him leave was just wrong, hence why Maloney said what he did.
    Yeah nothing wrong with it, but should never have went public about it, maybe Hibs and Maloney were still trying to convince Boyle to stay at ER until summer where he could get a move then, no club likes to lose there best player in the January window, under Ron we have made it quite clear that players wont leave the club unless the valuation is met but here we had the ex manager basically saying to Hibs that Boyle should be allowed his dream move through the Sun newspaper, thats a no no.

    Glad to see Sean is going to stand his ground regards the club, he aint thin skinned and he is no push over either and Jack Ross should not have been chatting to the papers about the transfer of our player.

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    I don't think Jack Ross said much wrong apart from the Boyle chat, which I actually think Ross more or less knew a deal was done bar the shouting. The timing wasn't great should we say

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    Jack Ross on the tv Jamboloids game , he was being , eh ,just Jack Ross .

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    I think we might see and hear a lot more of Jack Ross as a pundit and he will probably piss us off!!!


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