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    Cowshed/North Enclosure Bench Seat

    Reluctantly looking to sell my "North Enclosure" , Cowshed wooden bench seat, that I have owned for years since they brought it down in the 90s. Its painted white with 3 individual seats marked out on it, and section on the metal leg still attached. The paint is still in pretty good condition also, as I never knew weather to varnish it or not.

    Would make a great garden seat, or indoor bench, or anything really.

    Planning on putting it on Ebay also, but have no real idea of its value, and if being honest would much prefer it to go to a Hibs fan also.

    Please PM me if interested and I can upload some pics etc.

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    Due to a sale falling through I have now listed this on Ebay also.

    Here is the link..http://ebay.us/19xsNP?cmpnId=5338273189

    Still feel free to PM me if you wish to discuss further.

    Link for image : https://ibb.co/TTr5dsK


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