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    Back to business

    Sorry to spoil anyone's party still from yesterday but back to business on Wednesday night.

    Will be a much different game but if we can battle like that off the ball and then we should be looking at 3 points.

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    Agree with your thread.

    Great result yesterday,but we have to move on to what could be a night of hard labour in Dingwall on Wednesday.

    Ross County will probably try to do to Hibs,what Hibs did to the Rangers tribute band yesterday.

    That being closing down and trying to limit the space in which Hibs can perform.

    They have shown real thuggish behaviour in the past towards Martin Boyle and I can see no reason why this won’t be repeated on Wednesday.

    Another fully committed performance like yesterday should enable us to deal with them

    Hibs are certainly in a better position to deal with the staggers than they were a few weeks ago.

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    It might not be a bad thing having so many games in little time if we can hit a bit of form after yesterday’s result.


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    We will have much more of the ball compared to yesterday so we need to show some quality and start creating chances again.

    I just want some battle when we are up against it, the second half vs Celtic and yesterday show we can when we want to.

    0-3 Hibs.

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    All about 3 points and avoiding injuries or cards on Wednesday.
    Hopefully go up 2-0 then take the likes of Boyle off and bring fringe players on so the main guys are fresh for Saturday.


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