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    I think we always tend to play pretty well against Rangers. I don't think we've got what we've deserved in some of the games recently. The game at Ibrox was heading the same way as last night before the sending off. Rangers got off with it then. They didn't last night.

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    They were a colossus. 5 mins into the second half I knew it was won.

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    The pressing was fantastic, all over the pitch. They werenít allowed to settle and couldnít live with us.

    Kind of like the Scotland vs Denmark game that wasnít a fluke result. We were levels above Rangers yesterday. Took our chances, they were fortunate we had a clanger to get theirs and controlled the game throughout.

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    To a man. Outstanding performance.

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    You never know what your going to get from Hibs but that performance yesterday was amazing. Hopefully start of a winning run. Congratulations to all the players & coaching team and to all the fans.

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    I definitely think the match up with Rangers suits us. The games are open and both teams let each other play football. Newell, in particular, gets time on the ball and its easier to play a passing game because of the space. Big thing yesterday is that we defended really well too - right across the backline. Hanlon and McGinn were excellent, Porteous looked more controlled and I didn't recognise Cadden from the Dundee Utd game such was the transformation.

    Big test this midweek and it will be interesting to see if Hibs can take that performance into the game. Celtic in the final will also be a different kettle of fish as they will press Hibs far more than Rangers (which is when our game seems to break down) and we'll need to move well off the ball. It would be great if we can really turnaround our form from here.

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    Absolutely outstanding

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    Quote Originally Posted by heretoday View Post
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    Can we play with such commitment every week please?
    That was a wide open game yesterday and that suited us perfectly. Ross County, St Johnstone and Livi will not be as open as Rangers. Commitment is not in question but itís a different ball game when the opposition sit in and try to hit you on the break.


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