I've been patiently waiting for a rescue dog to come up over the past few years (not trying too hard but when something really catches my eye/tugs my heart strings putting in interest. For a variety of reasons no luck yet). Ive a massive garden, live in between the sea & forrests for walks & work from home most of the time so will be around for them.

Then my friend who works for a large dog charity here told us about some lurcher puppies that had become available. My mrs loves lurchers and greyhounds & I like from what I can tell, their placid personalities & they fact they love a long walk then just happy to laze about

So Ive put in a notice of interest but just wondered if anyone had experience of these dogs living harmoniously with cats? The cats very close to our hearts (hes more like a dog the way he follows me about & is trained to give paws & roll over haha) so we really want it to work with him. As. its a puppy I thought he would show the dog pretty. quickly who rules the roost. Were also very keen on training (if we can train the cat surely a dog will be simple) but am aware there might be some 'hardwiring' in terms of chasing fluffy things. As I say part of the reason in getting one is to train it.

Theres how the dog reacts to the cat but also how the cat reacts so we were thinking of seeing if we could foster before rehoming.

Anyway just wondered if anyone had any experience of this.