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    I got something on Italy at the start of the tournament but watching Portugal and France pinging it about last night I'm not confident. Italy are still in embryo rather.
    England won't do it anyway. Unimpressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimBHibees View Post
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    Wow what an incredibly entitled thing to say. Quite ignorant
    Sort of comment Ferdinand apologised for

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    Quote Originally Posted by CropleyWasGod View Post
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    Germany have been poor tonight
    They were rotten, they had no idea on how to break the Hungarians down. They'll get more space to work in against England but they just don't have the fire power that England can call on and defensively the Germans are weak on their right flank. I'm just hoping the Germans manage to take the game to penalties

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatHead View Post
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    Thoroughly enjoyed that this evening apart from the commentator who said England were at a disadvantage because the teams in that group had all had top games against top players. England meanwhile had played lesser teams and would not be match sharp.
    It was the only negative from last night having to listen to the football panel experts of Shearer, Lampard and Ferdinand being chaired by Lineker, with Jenas providing the expert commentary. Switch over to BBC 2 and it was Danny Murphy. FFS, why can't they get some non-English people to do this job for the games that don't involve England, like Keane, either of the O'Neill's, the ex-Croat West Ham boss that I can't recall, Moyes etc. So many candidates, but instead we get these England greats ramming the England perspective down our throats constantly.

    I'm a bit disappointed as in the 1st game of the tournament involving Italy and Turkey, I thought they did well not to mention England every other second. But now they revert to type again.


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