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    Sunshine and Sorrow

    I threw this video together in 5 minutes on Friday night to try and sum up what a cup final means to me as a Hibs fan. Like many on here, I fully expected to be celebrating another success right now but instead it's that all to familiar empty feeling as another chance passes us by. Saturday was definitely a hard pill to swallow. The complete lack of ideas and effort was embarrassing and I've tried my best to switch of to football the past few days while the wounds start to heal. That being said, I keep finding myself drawn back to this video. Now more than ever it seems relevant as a way of reminding myself that it can SOMETIMES be good to be a Hibee! Watching the mini meltdown from some on here I thought I'd share to try and give a new perspective.

    None of us chose to follow a team who would guarantee us success and silverware. We've had to pay heavily in tears for every triumph but that's what makes them special! The failure of Saturday is gone now but it's guaranteed that many more opportunities lie ahead. History says that on the majority of those occasions we'll end up with our heads down and our tails between our legs crawling back to Edinburgh on silent supporters buses but that won't stop me from putting myself through it every chance I get! One day the clouds are sure to part and the footballing gods will smile on us. It'll be our turn in the sunshine again and, just like '07 and '16, you can guarantee it'll be worth the wait!

    "Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart" - somebody... probably

    Chins up and keep the faith! GGTTH

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    Well done :) Many great times are still ahead!


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