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    A week on and that's the bit that's left me still feeling flat. As others have suggested, I think it would have been better to have lost in an earlier round of the cup and gone into the close season on the back of beating Aberdeen to confirm third place. That would have made up for the earlier cup exit and had us all upbeat about next season.

    Perhaps if the cup final had been a thrilling end-to-end draw where we'd perhaps ended up a man short due to injury but given it our all and lost on penalties I might feel different, but it was the dreadful, soul sapping non performance which has left me grimacing every time I think about it.
    And if yer granny had hee haws she'd be yer granda . Yer right tho, another kick in the teeth is hard to take given the circumstances and how good we know that team CAN play.

    We are a resilient bunch us Hibby's and we go again

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    Woke up this morning and immediately thought back to the excited anticipation I had on waking up last Saturday. I wished we could rewind a week. Then I thought for a few seconds more and quickly told myself no, I wouldn't want the likelihood of having to endure another 90 mins of Hibs being outplayed, out-thought, out-run and many other outs by a team of journeymen.

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    One week on and i'm already looking forward to Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackpoolhibs View Post
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    One week on and i'm already looking forward to Europe.
    Absolutely. Despite the disappointment of last week itís still a good time to be a Hibs fan. We have a lot to look forward to, an owner who is clearly ambitious and a manager who is just as gutted as we are at missing out on the cup. We are in a good position going in to a transfer window with money to spend and the opportunity to entice quality with European football.
    A great day out ruined by the football

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    Iím consoling myself with the thought that if we had won the cup it would have been a complete non event compared to the last time. Rather win it being there in a packed Hampden and all celebrations of the parade on the Sunday, on a sunny day. 😂 Clutching at any straw I can find.


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