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    Serial loser is Jack Ross.

    Lennon would have win that.

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    Lennon who never beat St Johnstone?

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    I doubt Lennon would have even got us to the final. Certainly not the Lennon of his latter days at ER.

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    More utter pish. What is the point?

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    Lennon hardly ever beat St Johnstone and didnít take us to a single cup final, including an embarrassing knock out against Queen of the South.

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    I still don't understand this love in of Neil Lennon, he did ok for 2 seasons, if we are talking about bottling it, defeat to hearts when 2nd place was up for grabs?

    When people talk about his time at hibs, by the end it would seem the atmosphere was quite toxic

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    Neil wouldn't have even got us to the final. He was on track to be in a relegation scrap when he left us FFS.

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    Theres plenty of other threads you can add these thoughts to.


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