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    What are the expectations at the club?

    I know we hear the PR stuff but what are the expectations at the club?

    Macey's comments make it sound like the club have been trying to be better in big matches since he came in January. That point doesn't really hit well as we've had two massive disappointments against a club that are smaller than us. We have no divine right to beat them but it is worrying that the players are trying to become better in order to beat St Johnstone. Maybe my expectations are too high as our target should be to close gap on Celtic and Rangers, we always seem to be looking side-ways or backwards. Ironic as our play today matches that mindset.

    Hear a lot about this player pathway stuff but it always seems to about making players successful, not necessarily at Hibs though.

    Jack Ross even mentioned in an interview that he'd like to see them win trophies if they leave Hibs.

    Beyond PR, I really don't know what Hibs are looking to achieve, and how they expect to achieve it. We've got players of first team age out on loan and we seem to be doing a Chelsea/Man City thing of keeping them around for a while. Are we copying that?

    Genuinely asking. Understand no-one is likely to have the answer outside of the club. Just curious.

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    Being able to compete against an ok organised Scottish team with lots of forgettable ex hibs players in a cup final would be a good start

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    To win a cup at least once in every decade
    To close the gap on the old firm in the league
    To play good exciting football
    To have good European football nights
    To have a stadium that has good pre match entertainment

    Not so much to ask I think

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    In playing terms , finishing in a league position which qualifies us for Europe at least 2 out of every 3 seasons plus winning a cup once or twice a decade plus a lot of semi finals and finals is probably target . In that sense , this season will be considered very good though will obviously be remembered as one of missed opportunities in cups including last year`s SC since we would have had a very good chance against Celtic in 19 / 20 final . In a playing sense , I`d hope for an expectation of exciting , entertaining football but suspect that is not a high priority , hopefully that will change when fans return to grounds . We could have won the cup today but enjoyment of watching Hibs in 2021 would still have been much less than those golden months in 2018 when every match was something to look forward to .


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