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    After a horrible sleep I wish yesterday was a dream but it was a nightmare.

    Canít see how anyone could get pass marks after yesterday but Iím sorry Doig was dreadful yesterday.
    Me too, couldnít get to sleep for ever for thinking about it so crap nightís sleep, and Iím much more pissed off with them than I was yesterday with the performance.

    And in a couple of hours I have to take my daughter to her football match and interact with one or two Jambo parents, oh joy.

    But, weíll get over it, as we always do. Iím just still bewildered by the lack of fight and urgency after the penalty miss. Iíd have been buzzing about and chasing everything, there was nothing to lose, but the response was pathetic.

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    I think it was Alf Ramsey who said something like 'Beware the Blonde player'. What he was really saying was that a player with yellow hair tends to stand out in a football team regardless of his ability. Over the season Doig has been built up into a superstar and it must be his hair wot has done it. It certainly is not his footballing ability. can he trap a ball? A basic skill which seems to be of no interest these days. He 'bombs' forward and he looks like he is 'up for it' but that is about the sum total of his ability now.

    Perhaps he will develop into a top player in the future and I sincerely hope that he does. Right now he, himself, should beware of the hype and continue to work at being an all round player. Young player of the year simply goes to show the paucity of choice in the Scottish game.

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    I think from now on tge Hibs manager should be given the same budget at Motherwell or St Johnstone and the savings passed on to Hibs supporters through tickets.

    I've got to a stage where yesterdays result doesn't matter, been let down that many times.


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