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    Quote Originally Posted by Hibernia&Alba View Post
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    Good stuff rom John Barnes: did the fans stop the ESL?

    Lots of great stuff on the wider issues in that rant. Well said JB.
    As he said the fans did not win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacomo View Post
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    If they want more young people to watch football, make it less expensive.

    If that means Perez canít sign Mbappe for Ä200m on wages of Ä1m a week... **** him.

    Perez is an absolute parasite.
    He's a self serving narcissist and a liar. Saving football, making out it's what fans want, what does Perez understand about young people in relation to football? It was a ploy for these clubs - most of them massively in debt due to financial mismanagement, to balance the books and nothing more. No doubt the next best thing for football would be to split the games into quarters for more advertising space. When you find yourself siding with FIFA and UEFA you know something is very, very wrong.

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    Young people do watch football, we all just stream it for free. **** paying those prices.


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