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    Scottish Cup, AGM and The Rangers

    We're back! Gav, Dave, Stu and Papa Stu (confusing having 2 Stuart's), chatted about

    Scottish Cup

    QOTS Review
    Best 2nd half performance of the season?
    Newell pulling the strings

    Split Run-in

    Thoughts on games
    When can we tie up 3rd
    Could Aberdeen catch us?

    Huns Preview

    Will they take their foot off the gas
    Doidge/Boyle form going into the game


    Match Day Experience
    Europe benefits
    Ross on squad for next season
    "winning mentality"

    Great to be back, apologies we've been away. Thanks for all the lovely messages, GGTTH!

    Video with our faces|

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    Good to see you back guys.

    PS thought you spoke well on sportsound last night Gav.


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