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    I’ve followed hibs since 1995 first game was against Dundee United, saw us got relegated and grown men cry I was 10 at the time, hibs have let me down so many times but what’s special is when we do win a trophy finish 3rd or even win a game it’s a great feeling, because we’re always expecting the worst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartie View Post
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    This season they are.

    All the other stuff - crowds, league finishes, infrastructure etc are great but the whole point of football is to win stuff, and they got a trophy over the line. We’re ahead of them in just about every way but you have to admire their couple of trophies in recent years and aspire to better that.

    Did you enjoy the cup win in 2016 or was your enjoyment tempered by the fact that at the end of the day Rangers still have more fans, a bigger ground, better infrastructure, earning potential etc?

    We shouldn’t just dismiss winning trophies. It’s what it’s all about, and I think that’s why so many of us reacted so badly to the semi final performances.
    I’m not downplaying their trophy at all. I said good for them. They’ve done great.

    It doesn’t change that they’re behind us in every way, as a football club. There’s nothing I’d change about Hibs to make us more like St Johnstone.


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