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    Just watched it today and thought it was a beautifully made documentary. Seeing Charlton as he was towards the end of his life was incredibly moving and I daresay it hit home for anyone who has watched dementia take a loved one. It's almost as if they are gone whilst still being there and those moments when a flicker of their former self appears are bittersweet. It wasn't too saccharine either. It mentioned his flaws, the likes of Dunphy and O'Leary had a chance to speak.

    I remember being on holiday in Portugal when USA 94 kicked off and watching Irelands 1st game with what felt like half of Dublin. Charlton was a God to them.

    It was also good to see Paul McGrath looking well. The moment when Charlton recognised him and broke into a beaming smile just about set me off. It was just a brilliant few seconds.
    I had to watch the USA World Cup 94 Ireland v Italy game in an airport bar in Florida as we waited to fly home after our first American holiday.
    Needless to say myself and another couple of guys I met in the bar got carried away, drank too much, shouted, cheered and erupted when Houghton scored. All to the amusement, or was it bemusement, of the Americans around us. A great end to the holiday.

    I watched the documentary last night. Very good with lots of poignant moments and a few life lessons.
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    It was a brilliant documentary. Highlights the ever growing link between heading and dementia.

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    An excellent football manager and a fine human being and rather underrated tactically as his teams always pressed hard and high to win the ball back.

    Maurice Setters his assistant provided a lot of the intricate detail and Paddy Bonner said later he knew the preference of every Romainian players penalties in an era where few teams prepared well.

    Not being Irish though it was a relief when Italy knocked them out of the World Cup and the Netherlands gave them a deserved football lesson in the play offs as they were a hard bruising team and not at all easy to watch.

    I can't say I see the dementia/heading link though as the man was 85 when he passed away.
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