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    A cracking team who are only going to get better. Will be great giving them proper backing next season all being well.

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    I've been critical at times this season and perhaps overly so. I think a lot of my negativity has come from the calibre of games we've lost (losing two semi finals is always a kick in the stones). Taking away our Old Firm losses our record in the league is very good and if we just bounced back a little better at times from losses instead of throwing games back to back like we have we could be in a much healthier position.

    Has the football been great? No. I think at times we can be a bit turgid to watch if i'm honest, it certainly doesn't help that it's on TV all the time instead of getting to see it in person. But overall I think the club have adapted extremely well to the covid pandemic and the change in circumstances the league is being played in.


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