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    Signed Pele Brazil Top

    With COA. Looking for a new home.

    PM me for further details.


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    I would be surprised if you get even half of that. There are hundreds of these on the market. I did have one, I paid about £250/£300 for it.

    I thought what a bargain for a Pele top with COA, then after buying it I checked up on the net how much this would have been worth & seen a page full of them on ebay.

    Think I sold it for £150 just to get rid of it.

    But good luck anyway.

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    Just as an example of what’s out there
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    Doing the 2013 Edinburgh half Marathon for McMillan it would be awesome if anyone fancies sponsoring me, http://www.justgiving.com/colin-smith1875 ,go on make a fat man run


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