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    I'd still play Gogic. What Hamilton lack in flair they make up for in work ethic and graft and Gogic will be essential to give our midfield and defence some protection.
    If they press like they did against Rangers then Gogic is the last player we need. Wed lose the ball constantly on the edge of our box, or wed be pumping it up the park every time. We need calmness on the ball and someone that can beat said press. That man is Joe Newell. Hamilton arent a big physical side that will turn it into a battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fergus52 View Post
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    Last time we played Hamilton gogic never played.

    Newell was the deepest midfielder and we never gave them a sniff, only 4-0 but could easy have been 6 or 7. We were great to watch that day, mainly due to the technical quality of our midfield controlling the game
    Thats me telt🤣
    Im actually a big fan of Newell too. He was our best player fir a good spell this season. Just think Gogic and Irvine are our best option due Hamilton.

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    Hibs twitter teasing, possibly signed a longer deal?


    Edit: signed to 2023, I'm happy with that

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    Good work Hibs


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