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Thread: Jamie Murphy

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    Jamie Murphy

    Thought he was really good tonight. Very rarely wastes the ball & comes away with it in difficult situations. Probably the motm for me.

    One of the best players in our squad

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    Very good player. Hope we can keep him fully fit. Him and Boyle both in the team will make a big difference going forward

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    @hibs.net private member BILLYHIBS's Avatar
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    Sleepy Hollow
    Class act

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    @hibs.net private member calumhibee1's Avatar
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    Hes a cracking player. If he can stay fit well be a much better team for it.

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    Felt similar to how I did watching Charlie Adam the other night. Guy is a class act. Know quality when I see it.

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    He really is good to watch. I love that he isn't scared to run at folk and try something.

    If we can keep him fit and get Allan back we have the makings of some team!

    Nisbet, Doidge, Boyle, Murphy, Allan, Newell and Gogic.

    If we add Irvine and Cadden into the mix as well 🤤

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    We need him to start playing and contributing regularly. We need more players to start chipping in with goals and he is one that needs to start doing that.

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    He has plenty of ability but hes not an out and out winger for me. In fact Boyle is the only winger at the club capable of that burst of pace that allows us to break lines.


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