Hi all, happy new year! We at Football Memories Scotland have put together a brand new podcast called The Scottish Football Citizen. Each week we'll be taking a look back at the best of Scottish football from yesteryear covering all levels from internationals to the juniors. We delve into the past looking at players, managers, big games and even the way we were back in the day. We're looking to cover as much as we can over the next while and feature as many teams as possible.
Football Memories Scotland aims to help people with dementia by connecting the past and the present by using photos, videos and audio of football in days gone by. Since 2009 the project has gone from strength to strength and now we have groups up and down the length of the country. Unfortunately these groups haven't been able to meet during the pandemic, but some groups have gone virtual and continued their work.
We've released four episodes so far, and there's one episode in particular that may interest anyone of a Hibs persuasion that takes a look back at the famous 7-0 win on 1/1/73 which you can find here at https://scottishfootballcitizen.podb...new-years-day/ -we plan to release a lot more content in the new year. We hope you enjoy listening!