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Thread: Jack Ross

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    Quote Originally Posted by MWHIBBIES View Post
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    We lost 3 in a week. We've won A LOT more than we've lost this season.
    If we lose another 3 league games this month then the gap will start to narrow between us and 5th, if we lose the semi final too then thatís going to have a massive dent in confidence. I would genuinely be worried about even making top four if we come out of this month without a win.

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    With the gap we created between 4th and 5th losing 4th by the end of the season is definitely under performing.

    Hibs arenít going to win the league any time in near future - the cups are the only chances of silverware. Sad reality but true.

    Iím not falling into the league cup is the wee cup (co-incidence the club which hasnít won it for so long started this nonsense). Of course the Scottish is the main cup tournament but the league cup is still a fantastic achievement.

    My point is the semi final is an important game for Jack Ross. Itís winnable and a chance to give us a shot at winning another cup.

    IF we make the final thatís another huge test to see if management and players have the motivation / mindset / quality to win it.

    If we lose either of these games then itís a serious opportunity missed and fans have every right to seriously question those involved.

    I can rightly see why fans are concerned - I just hope the players / management and owner realise what a great opportunity we have here as could you imagine the boost it gives the fans and club during these tough times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allez Hibs View Post
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    A club of Hibs size happy with finishing in the top 6? 👀
    Where have you been?


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